June 12, 2019

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is issuing an advisory to farmers who have conducted business with the Buckwheat Growers Association of Wadena, Minn., also known as Union Creek Organic or Union Creek Feed and Seed. The MDA is encouraging anyone who has not received payment for grain or who had grain stored at the Buckwheat Growers Association facility to submit a bond claim with the Department.

The facility, in accordance with the law, held a $50,000 bond with the Department to help grain sellers and depositors mitigate any losses. To submit a claim, a farmer will need do the following steps:

  1. Complete a Grain Bond Proof of Claim Form.
  2. Include supporting evidence. This is including but not limited to scale tickets, purchase agreements, purchase receipts, non-sufficient funds checks, contracts, warehouse receipts, assembly sheets, etc.
  3. Send in the form and supporting evidence by email to christine.mader@state.mn.us, fax to 651-201-6108, or mail to: Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Fruit Vegetable & Grain Unit, 625 North Robert St., St Paul, MN 55155

Farmers should submit a claim as soon as possible. The deadline for claims is dependent on the date of non-payment.

The MDA will review all submitted claims, associated paperwork, internal documents, and records from inspector visits to determine which claims are valid. In the case of multiple valid claims, a pro-rated share is calculated and dispersed.

Questions on this process can be directed to Christine Mader at 651-201-6620 or christine.mader@state.mn.us, or Nick Milanowski at 651-201-6076 or nicholas.milanowski@state.mn.us.


Media Contact

Allen Sommerfeld, MDA Communications