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AGRI Urban Agriculture Grant Questions & Answers

  1. When would funds be awarded?
    Expenses may not be incurred until after a grant contract has been fully executed. Successful applicants should anticipate having contracts available to them around June 1, 2018. Once the grant contract has been fully executed the grantee will receive their approved award advance, if applicable. The remaining award balance will be reimbursed after the project is completed to the State’s satisfaction.
  2. How long would the funding cycle be?
    All expenses must be incurred and paid for by September 30, 2019; applicants may request an extension until June 30, 2021 for approval by the State.
  3. Are grants eligible for renewal, or is it a one-time award?
    This is a one-time award.
  4. Would it be possible to receive funding through this grant opportunity to produce a series of urban agriculture focused educational videos?
    Yes. The production and distribution of urban agriculture focused videos would be eligible for the grant. The videos must be focused on furthering urban youth agricultural education or urban agriculture community development in eligible areas as defined in the RFP.

As we receive additional questions about this opportunity, we will post the questions and their answers on this Q&A page.

MDA Contact

Erin Connell, State Program Administrator