Purchasing food products from an approved supplier is the first step in ensuring safe foods to serve to customers. As a general rule, foods prepared or stored in a private home may not be used or offered for human consumption in a food establishment. As a purchaser of food products, you can ask the supplier to verify that their sources of supply are approved by the appropriate food regulatory agency.

Required Sources or Conditions For Selected Food Products

Fluid Milk: Must be pasteurized.

Poultry, Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Goat: Must be U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) inspected.

Game Animals: Must be U.S.D.A., or Minnesota Department of Agriculture inspected.

Fish: Must be commercially and legally caught or harvested and approved for sale or service.

Fish Intended for Raw Consumption: Must be obtained from a supplier that freezes fish, or fish must be frozen on premises according to regulations.

Required Sources Continued: Raw and Frozen Shucked Shellfish:Must be commercially and legally harvested, and obtained in properly labeled containers.

Molluscan Shellfish: Must be commercially and legally harvested, and received in containers with proper labels or tags.

Shell Eggs: Must be Grade B or better. Shells must be intact.

Liquid, Frozen, or Dry Eggs, and Egg Products: Must be pasteurized.

Wild Mushrooms: Vendor must have letter of approval from the appropriate regulating authority to sell the wild mushrooms.

Canned Food Products: Must be purchased from a licensed food processor.