Key Concepts

  • Cook-chill is a process that uses both HEAT and COLD for batch food production.
  • Temperature monitoring and record keeping are critical in production of cook-chill products to avoid foodborne illness.
  • Not all food products can be cook-chill processed.
  • It is required to have a HACCP Plan and record keeping system with cook-chill products.
  • Packaging and labeling must meet requirements.
  • Cook-chill products must be reheated to 165°F for safety.

Learning Objectives

After this training, food handlers will be able to:

  1. Describe the concept of cook-chill.
  2. Recite the correct temperature range and time frame for rapid cooling.
  3. Monitor and record temperatures during the cook-chill process.
  4. Properly package and label cook-chill products.
  5. Identify the critical control points of a HACCP plan with cook-chill processing.
  6. List 2 potential problems associated with cook-chill products.

Training Tools

  • Additional Support Materials

Note: Minnesota Food Code regulations are cited in this guide. Refer to your regulatory authority.