Common questions about the AGRI Biofuel Blending Infrastructure Grant are listed below. If you have questions that are not addressed here or in the Request for Proposals, please contact Kevin Hennessy. We will post the questions and answers as we receive them.

Would a project that injects renewable natural gas (RNG) made from manure into the local natural gas pipeline be considered an eligible blending project?

The AGRI Biofuel Blending Infrastructure Grant is intended to fund the purchase and installation of infrastructure that will provide additional access to, or increased sales of, biofuel blended liquid fuels in Minnesota. Injecting natural gas into the pipeline is not eligible under the requirements found in the Request for Proposals.

Per the grant application, it requires a “Minnesota-based” organization as a requirement for applicant eligibility. Does this technically mean the organization must be headquartered in Minnesota? Or can the organization have operations & sites in Minnesota where the grant dollars will be spent?

Eligible applicants need to have operations in Minnesota – they do not need to have their corporate headquarters in Minnesota. Of course, the project needs to be located within the boundaries of Minnesota.

We are working with a technology company which allows trucks to use B100 instead of fossil diesel. We are partnering with a Minnesota transport company to install the equipment, initially on 5-10 trucks and with the potential of having its entire fleet converted to B100. The project will require investment in tanks, dispenser units, and other equipment at the selected Minnesota facilities. Would this project be eligible for the AGRI Biofuel Blending Infrastructure Grant?


If we are considering adding an additional ethanol and biodiesel tank at one of our existing bulk facilities. Would that quality for this funding?


Does eligibility include both funding for the conversion of fleets and funding for the tanks, dispenser units, and other equipment at the selected Minnesota facilities?

Yes, the RFP states that funding must be use for “equipment needed to achieve the blending goals of the grantee’s project.”