Common questions about the AGRI Bioenergy/Biochemical Pilot Project Grant are listed below. If you have questions that are not addressed here or in the Request for Proposals, please contact Kevin Hennessy. We will post the questions and answers as we receive them.

Can grant funds be used for plant engineering costs before closing from a lender?


We are developing a commercial scale project that will need upgrading/improving of sewer and water facilities for the plant. While sewer/water may not be “equipment” in the strictest sense, it is required in order for the plant to operate. Would these expenses be eligible for grant funds?

The purpose of the Bioenergy/Biochemical Pilot Project Grant is to assist grantees that would be moving a project idea from the proof of concept stage toward commercial stage through testing necessary in a pilot scale plant. Since the project as described is a commercial-level project, it would not fall within the scope of this Request for Proposals and hence, would not be eligible.