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Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Homeowners who rely on private wells for their drinking water supply should test for nitrates on a regular basis. Private well owners are encouraged to participate at the free nitrate testing clinic that will be held at the Hampton City Hall in Hampton, MN.

Here's how to take a water sample:

1.    Run the water for 5-10 minutes
2.    Put at least a half cup of water in a sealed container
3.    Keep the sample cold

Sample should be taken less than 24 hours before event, and can be taken before and after distillators, reverse osmosis or other nitrate removal systems.

Samples are analyzed on the spot ‑ the process usually takes less than five minutes ‑ and results are given directly to the homeowner.  If the nitrate level in a sample is elevated, clinic staff can refer the homeowner to certified labs that will retest the water.

The free clinic is brought to you by the MDA, Dakota County, and the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District.