August 8, 2017

Paul Groneberg called the meeting to order at 1:pm

Introduction of Council members, Alternates and Guests

Bruce Montgomery

  • Reviewed some AFREC statistics from the last ten years
    • $5.3 million in grants
    • 166 grant application requests totaling $13.5 million
    • 112 individual grants funded
  • Reviewed 2014-2015 AFREC legislative changes and new sunset clause of 2020
  • Minnesota sold 2.86 million tons of fertilizer in last fiscal year
    • AFREC will bring in $1.14 million in funds
    • Estimate $901,567 available to grant
    • MDA recommends $1.1 million for next RFP
  • Updated the Council on MDA's NFMP activities

Question asked: Is gypsoil (a sulfur source) considered a fertilizer additive? Only if it comes with a guaranteed analysis

Luan Johnsrud

  • Updated the Council on the AFREC balance sheet
  • Provided a breakdown of who is receiving AFREC grants:
    • 15 to University of Minnesota (U of M), five to other: Broadhead, Wheat Growers & Dean Fairchild
  • Provided actual expenditures on projects (July 1) and estimate for balance of FY18 and potential expenditures for FY19

Dean Fairchild provided an introduction to project speakers
Short discussion on potential dollars available for new project in the next RFP
Dean estimated $320,000 will be available for new projects after funding continuation projects

Project Presentations

  1. Fabian Fernandez: Urea and urea additives
  2. Dan Kaiser/Jeff Vetch: Potassium on corn/soybeans
    *not funded by AFREC in crop year 2017, found alternative funding to keep plots going in 2017
  3. Jeff Counter: Advanced intensive corn production

Dean Fairchild reviewed how the agenda for the 2017 summer meeting was developed and the financial assistance from MNSOY for bus tour and meal

David Kee reviewed MNSOY methodology for developing research ideas for research priorities and discussed cooperative research possibilities with other commodity groups

Seth Naeve - MNSOY drainage plots near Wells, MN

  • Historic research at NDSU & U of M's Gary Sands are engineering studies not agronomic
  • Wells plots have unique plot design to measure agronomic values
    • Drain vs undrained vs tillage systems vs N rate - example for corn
    • 700+ plot variables inside total plot matrix

Fabian Fernandez - MNSOY plots near Wells

  • Explained ability of plots to measure WQ and showed results from 104- to 2016
  • Contrasted Nitrate in the tile water study site at SWROC site near Lamberton

Dean Fairchild - AFREC Research Priority Discussion

  • Listed continuation projects - should receive first priority in funding
  • Reviewed last year's RFP research priorities
  • Ability to use big data for making agronomic management decisions
  • Broad topics vs narrowed focus

Bruce Montgomery AFREC research related to NFMP

  • In need of education components
  • MDA funds three U of M Extension specialists
  • Outreach is biggest need
  • AFREC was great in validating fert. recs.
  • Using on-farm research to expand this effort

Open discussion topics

  • MNSOY has year by year project selection and funding
  • MDA funds three U of M Extension specialists
  • Longer projects allow for retention of Grad students
  • Three year vs. single year funding
  • Need methodology to get research information to non-social media farmers
  • Focused Apps to agronomists for technology transfer producers
  • YouTube
  • Ever changing media platforms
  • Research is expensive
    • Need long-term research to look at management changes
    • Need to be focused
    • Need to do more production focused projects
    • No need to research project that don’t pay into AFREC
  • Research should drive regulation not vice versa
  • Manure can effect rotation because of residual N and sugar content in beets
  • FibroMN is closing
  • Manure analysis has changed over the last 15 yrs. because of changing animal diets
  • Manure is building mineralizing pools of nutrients in soils
  • Don’t research specific products
  • Soil test recommendations are old and basic research is not sexy
  • Farming practices are changing faster than researchers ability to keep up
  • Soil health , cover crops are for the long term
  • Fundamental research is needed for the long term

Suspended meeting at 7:56 pm.

August 9, 2017

Project presentations continued

4. Matt Weibers – On-Farm Nutrient Management

Dean Fairchild- reviewed past funding for outreach for 2017 and reviewed U of M Extension and Broadhead and they coordinate overlapping activities

5. Broadhead – Kruger & Smith

  • Reviewed project activities since April 1 and proposed activities for the balance of the year
  • What activities have been transferred to U of M Extension on June 1
  • Infographics development
  • Social media

6. Mike Schmitt Collaborative U of M Extension Communication

Reviewed project deliverables & new staff

Reviewed Ext Communication Audit

  • Identify key gaps
  • Need more consistency
  • Develop collaborative process
  • Content distribution
  • Future efforts

Dean Fairchild

  • From Wednesday’s and today’s discussion on research priorities no real consensus of ideas
  • If priorities are too broad in the RFP too many projects may come in and not be specifically related.

Motion by Benson/sec by Bloomquist, …to give AFREC executive committee authority to develop and finalize the research priorities for the 2018 AFREC RFP. Motion passed

Motion by Benson/sec by Froehlich, nominate Paul Groneberg for president. Motion passed
Motion by Cummerford/sec by Anderson, …to cast unanimous ballot for Paul Groneberg. Motion passed 

Motion by Benson/sec by Cummerford, … to nominate Grant Anderson for vice-president. Motion passed 
Motion by Cummerford/sec by Froehlich, …to cast unanimous ballot for Grant Anderson. Motion passed

Motion by Cummerford/sec by Lemke, …to nominate Dan Benson for treasurer. Motion passed
Motion by Anderson/sec by Allen, …to cast unanimous ballot for Dan Benson. Motion passed

Motion by Anderson/sec by Allen to nominate Kevin Kruse for Secretary. Motion passed 
Motion by Cummerford/sec by Froehlich, …to cast unanimous ballot for Kevin Kruse. Motion passed

Discussion on next meetings:
Oral update meeting Dec 12 at the Minneapolis Convention Center 
New project presentations January 5th at the MN Farm Bureau Headquarters in Eagan

Motion to adjourn meeting by Cummerford/sec by Benson. Motion passed