March 5, 2021

Location: Online, conference call

Members present: Grant Anderson, Steve Commerford, Bill Bond - alt, Ryan Kelbrants, Bev Durgan, Kevin Kruze, Gary Prescher, Mark Jossund, Dan Benson, Dan Froehlich, Paul Gray, David Kee- alt, Keith Allen

Guests: Bruce Montgomery, Steve Sodeman, Jerome Lensing, Dean Fairchild

MDA Staff: Margaret Wagner, Luan Johnsrud, Russ Derickson

Grant Anderson opened the meeting and began with asking all on-line and on conference call to check-in as a way to introduce everyone.

MDA staff provided the Council composite ratings of the three projects submitted for the AFREC Coordinator Request for Proposal (RFP) and Dean Fairchild provided some background on the three submitted projects and project Principal Investigators (PIs).

Motion by Paul Gray, second by Keith Allen to: set the RFP amount to $25,000 with a project duration of 6-1-2021 to 3-31-22. Motion passed.

The three project PIs (Bruce Montgomery, Steve Sodemann, Jerome Lensing) provided a short presentation on their projects and then answered questions from the AFREC Council.

Motion by Paul Gray second by Keith Allen to: fund Bruce Montgomery’s Coordinator project at $25,000, starting June 1 to March 31, 2022. Motion passed. 9-2

Motion by Ryan Kelbrants, second by Keith Allen to: fund Jerome Lensing’s Coordinator project at $0. Motion passed.

Motion by Mark Jossund, second by Dan Benson to: fund Steve Sodemann’s Coordinator project at $0. Motion passed.

Motion by Steve Commerford, second by Gary Prescher to include the AFREC drone policy with the September 2021 release of the AFREC RFP. Motion passed.

Motion by Paul Gray, second by Steve Commerford, to: adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.

Steve Commerford
AFREC Secretary

Submitted by Russ Derickson