July 29, 2020

The freshest Minnesota sweet corn is now available from local growers around the state. The recent heat has led to a great crop of sweet corn and harvest is expected to be bountiful, according to many growers.

“Our sweet corn looks fantastic!” said Brian Schiltgen, of Schiltgen Farms in Afton, Minnesota.

Sweet corn season starts in late July and continues through early September. Sweet corn farmers often plant in stages so they can offer fresh corn throughout the second half of summer.

Eating this summertime favorite just after it has been picked ensures the best flavor. As time passes after harvest, the sugars in the corn convert to starch and the sweet flavor diminishes.

Buying local sweet corn from a Minnesota farm ensures that you will get the freshest sweet corn available. Locally grown sweet corn is often available at farmers’ markets, farm stands, and retailers featuring local produce.

 Be sure to call ahead or look up a farm or farmers’ market online to confirm any adjustments due to COVID-19. Wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands frequently are all best practices when visiting a farm or farmers’ market.

The Minnesota Grown Directory is available in print and online, and is a great resource for finding local farmers or farmers’ markets. The 2020 Directory includes 91 sweet corn growers and 195 farmers’ markets. Free, printed copies of the Directory may be ordered online or by calling 1-651-201-6469.


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