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Home > All About the MDA > Staff Directory > MNIT Services @ Agriculture Staff Directory

MN.IT Services @ Agriculture Staff Directory

Name Email Position Phone
Allen, David David.Allen@state.mn.us Endpoint Security, Ag and BoAH Manager 651-201-1099
Andrews, Jason Jason.Andrews@state.mn.us Network Computer Services 651-201-6559
Duffy, Brian Brian.Duffy@state.mn.us Project Manager 651-201-6036
Hang, Fong Fong.Hang@state.mn.us Computer Services 651-201-6242
Heil, Randy Randy.Heil@state.mn.us Network Computer Services 651-201-6485
Hillstrom, Karl Karl.Hillstrom@state.mn.us GIS Technician 651-201-6087
Holm, Linda Linda.Holm@state.mn.us Licensing Coordinator 651-201-6315
Lombard, Sally Sally.Lombard@state.mn.us Office & Administrative Specialist 651-201-6278
Madison, Linda Linda.Madison@state.mn.us Voice Operations 651-201-6355
Madison, Vicki Vicki.Madison@state.mn.us Core Data Coordinator 651-201-6279
McCabe, Larry Larry.McCabe@state.mn.us Programming Services 651-201-6508
Morrison, Bryan Bryan.Morrison@state.mn.us Desktop Support Administrator 651-201-6812
Nelson, Wayne Wayne.A.Nelson@state.mn.us Programming Services 651-201-6071
Nguyen, Thanh Thanh.Nguyen@state.mn.us Network Administration, Hardware Services 651-201-6156
Rammer, Todd Todd.Rammer@state.mn.us Network, Information Security 651-201-6597
Spratt, Tyrone Tyrone.Spratt@state.mn.us Chief Information Officer 651-201-6347
Slaats, Alison Alison.Slaats@state.mn.us GIS Technician 651-201-6529
Steinmaus, Allison Allison.Steinmaus@state.mn.us Management Analyst 651-201-6066
Tillotson, Matt Matt.Tillotson@state.mn.us Programming Services 651-201-6628
Van Avery, Luanne Luanne.Vanavery@state.mn.us Programming Services 651-201-6687
Vang, Jimmy Jimmy.Vang@state.mn.us Mobile Device Management 651-201-6056
VonToft, Kim Kimberly.VonToft@state.mn.us Web Coordinator 651-201-6447
Wilson, Michelle Michelle.M.Wilson@state.mn.us Project Manager 651-201-6651
Yucel, Selim Selim.Yucel@state.mn.us Programming Services 651-201-6497
Zobitz, Frank Frank.Zobitz@state.mn.us Senior Project Manager Not Available