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Home > Renewable Energy > Biodiesel Program > Minnesota's B20 by 2015 Program

Minnesota's B20 by 2015 Program

Governor Tim Pawlenty recently unveiled a plan for taking the state's biodiesel requirement from the current 2 percent blend in diesel fuel to a 20 percent blend in diesel fuel by 2015. The Governor said he would bring this plan to the legislature during the 2008 legislative sessionMinnesota Lung Association's Bob Moffitt and MDA Commissioner Gene Hugoson.

"Minnesota has led the nation in unleashing a renewable energy revolution," Governor Pawlenty said"Other states are starting to catch on and it’s time for us to continue to blaze the trail to a cleaner, more secure energy future. Increasing the level of biodiesel in diesel fuel means that more of our energy will come from farm fields rather than oil fields and that’s a good thing."

This "B20" proposal relates to a statutory goal signed into law during the 2005 session. The statute refers to the replacement of "at least 20 percent of the liquid fuel sold in the state." The Governor is calling for the involvement of stakeholders to help determine the best way to achieve this goal, and he has asked the Minnesota Biodiesel Task Force to advise the Commissioner of Agriculture on how best to proceed.

For more information about MDA and the state of Minnesota's activities with regard to renewable energy, please visit the following sites: