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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Water Protection > Pesticide Management Plan > Pesticide Management Plan Committee > PMPC Meetings > PMPC Agenda 2016

Pesticide Management Plan Committee Meeting June 30, 2016 Agenda

Date: Thursday June 30, 2016 Location: Orville L. Freeman Building
Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm Room B-145
Facilitator: Kevin Cavanaugh Address: 625 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55155
Parking: Parking Pass Code = ####

Meeting Preparation: Review MDA 2015 Water Quality Monitoring Report; prepare to discuss data and provide comment on MDA determinations that would trigger BMP development and any product restrictions needed to protect water quality.
Bring To Meeting: Materials sent by email, parking map/instructions (including code for pay station)

Topic Speaker Purpose
1. Welcome & Housekeeping Kevin Cavanaugh Information
2. Introductions; Agenda Overview Kevin Cavanaugh Information
3. 2015 Monitoring: When, Where & How Bill VanRyswyk / Matt Ribikawskis Information
4. Review of 2015 Groundwater Monitoring Data Mike MacDonald Discussion
30 minute lunch break
5. Review of 2015 Surface Water Monitoring Data Dave Tollefson Discussion
6. Special Monitoring Studies- 2015
  Root River Pesticide Pilot Project Matt Ribikawskis Discussion
  Neonicotinoid Water Quality Summary 2010-2015 Mike MacDonald / Matt Ribikawskis Discussion
  Random Stream Sampling Survey (EPA-EMAP) Matt Ribikawskis Discussion
Private Well Pesticide Sampling (Targeted Township Domestic Wells) Jeff Paddock Discussion
  MDH Public Water Supply Recon Heather Johnson Discussion
  Expanded monitoring in the Beauford Ditch Watershed Matt Ribikawskis Discussion
  South Branch Whitewater River fish kill summary Lucy Hunt / Bill VanRyswyk / Dave Tollefson Discussion
7. 2016 New Projects – Isoxaflutole Studies Bill VanRyswyk Information
8. Registration Updates Matt Sunseri Information
9. Neonicotinoid SRR Update Raj Mann Information
10. Summary & wrap up Kevin Cavanaugh Information


PMPC Contact:

Gregg Regimbal

Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division