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Pesticide Management Plan Committee

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the lead state agency for all aspects of pesticide and fertilizer environmental and regulatory functions. These authorities are described in Minnesota Statutes §§ 18B, 18C, 18D and 103H.

The purpose of the Pesticide Management Plan Committee (PMPC) is to provide informed and diverse comment to the commissioner of agriculture for major water quality evaluation activities and decisions.  The PMPC is one element of ensuring open and equitable comment into PMP decisions for all MDA stakeholders.

Guidance on the establishment, makeup and function of the PMPC is provided in the Minnesota Pesticide Management Plan: A Plan for the Protection of Groundwater and Surface Water (PMP, June 2005). The PMP is a guidance document for the prevention, evaluation and mitigation of occurrences of pesticides or pesticide breakdown products in groundwaters and surface waters of the state, and is a requirement of the Pesticide Control Law (Minn. Stat. § 18B.045).

Implementation of the PMP to date includes the development of pesticide-specific Best Management Practices (BMPs) as a response to the presence of herbicides in Minnesota's groundwater or surface water from normal agricultural use. Visit the MDA's BMP web page and the Monitoring and Assessment web page for more

PMPC Membership

PMPC Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Comments