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Search Tips

Navigating the Search Results

Every time you conduct a search the results will be listed in a Search Results table at the bottom of the Search page (Figure 1). The total number of results is displayed at the top of the table. Use the arrows at the top of the table to navigate to other of results pages.

Tip iconIf your list if longer than 10 results, use the drop-down menu at the top of the table to display up to 20, 50, or 100 results per page.

Tip iconBy default, the results appear in alphabetical order (A to Z) by Title and then by Year (oldest to newest). Toggle the arrows at the top of the columns to sort the results in a different order.

Tip iconTo quickly identify the most current research in the list, re-sort the Year column from newest to oldest. If your results list is long, try further sorting publications of the same year by title. To do this sort by Year, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and re-sort the Title column.

Tip iconTitles sometimes include extra descriptive words in brackets, such as [presentation] or the title of an organization [Minnesota Department of Agriculture].

 Example Search Results

Figure 1. Search Results

View Summary

Click the Summary link to see more information about every publication in the Library. See Understanding Record Summaries to learn more.

View Document

Click the PDF link, if available, to see the full text of the article in the form of a PDF file. The link leads to a page where you download the PDF (at no charge). See PDF Download Page for more information.

Tip iconCopyright restrictions often prevent us from making PDFs of the full text available– especially for journal articles. 

Tip iconSometimes a PDF is not provided because the Library and the organization that created or sponsored the publication agree that the publication is best stored on the organization’s website only, and the organization agrees to make the article accessible to Library users consistently and reliably via the Offsite File link.

Offsite URL

Click the Offsite URL link, if available, to go to an external website that provides at least one of the following:

  • The full text of the article
  • A YouTube video
  • Information on how to access the full text of the article at no charge
  • Information on how to purchase the full text if desired (this is common with journal articles)
  • Additional context about the article (this is common when the search results table includes both a PDF link and an Offsite File link for the same article).

Tip icon While many Offsite Links lead to websites that give you the option of purchasing publications, there is never a charge to simply click on an Offsite Link provided in the Library. Minnesota residents may be able to obtain copies of publications at no charge through the Electronic Library of Minnesota (see FAQs for more information).

Tip iconWhen we provide access to the full text through the PDF link, the Offsite Link, may lead to an external website that provides additional context about the article.

Tip iconFor presentation files (often labeled as [presentation] in the Title), the link sometimes leads to a video rather than access to a text file. See More Search Tips on how to narrow a search to presentations only.

Tip iconSee Library Policies, Terms of Use and Disclaimers for policies and terms of use regarding links from the Library to  Offsite Links.

Understanding the Record Summary

The Record Summary (Figure 2) provides more details about a record.

Record Summary Page 

Figure 2. Record Summary Page

Details included in the Record Summary:

Title: The title of the publication or name of the project.

warning icon  Original titles may be altered for readability (e.g. colons added) and more information may be added (e.g. organization) for additional value.

Tip icon Some titles have labels at the end in brackets to indicate that the entry is a project or a presentation.

Creator: The person(s) or organization(s) that authored or edited the publication.

Project Lead, Project Manager or Principal Investigator: This field will be displayed instead of the Creator field for Library records that describe projects rather than publications.

Year: The year published or, for projects, the year of anticipated completion.

Main Topics: General cross-cutting water research categories that help describe the record. See main topic definitions under Filtering by Main Topic.

Tags: Keywords that hint at the article’s specific subject matter, such as (but not limited to) placenames, practices, pollutants, tools, and methods.

Abstract: The abstract contains a description of the publication. Generally, executive summaries are not included here. If an abstract does not exist, it says “No abstract exists.”

Abstract Source: The source of the abstract, if applicable. Specifies if the abstract was taken directly from the publication, from another source, or developed by and for the Library.

Citation: A compilation of important features of a record. If no citation exists, it says “No citation exists or it is unavailable at this time.”

Number of Pages: The length of the publication, in pages.

Tip icon This information is typically provided only when no citation is available for the article.

Journal: The name of the journal in which the article is published, if applicable.

Associated Organizations: Organizations listed in the document as contributors, supporters or sponsors. Not necessarily a comprehensive list.

Data Set: A link to figures, tables, graphs, or other data from the document, if available.

Record Summary: A permanent link for accessing the Record Summary page you are viewing. Use this permalink to share the record with others.

PDF: A permanent link to a page in the Library where you can download the full text of the publication (if available) at no charge, in the form of a PDF file stored in the Library.

warning icon Some PDFs are not provided by the Library because they are best stored only on the website of the organization that created the article. This is determined through special agreements between the Library and the organization (see Affiliate Websites on the Partners page.) In these cases, the Library provides an offsite link to the organization’s website.

Offsite Link: A link to another website where you can access the full text of the article (sometimes free, sometimes for a charge) or view a video. There is never a charge to click on this link.

Peer Reviewed? Indicates whether the article underwent a formal evaluation by the authors’ peers in order to provide credibility and determine its suitability for publication.

Includes or was conducted in or about Minnesota? Indicates if the research took place in or partially in Minnesota, or is about Minnesota.

Funded at least partly the Clean Water Fund? Indicates whether the research was funded at least partly by the Clean Water Fund.

PDF Download Page

Select the permalink “click here to download file” to download the PDF.

PDF Download Page 

Figure 3. PDF Download Page

warning icon Copyright restrictions often prevent display of PDFs of the full text, especially for journal articles.

warning icon Sometimes a PDF is not provided because the Library and the organization that created or sponsored the article agree that the article is best stored on the organization’s website only, and the organization agrees to make the article accessible to Library users consistently and reliably via the Offsite File link.


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