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Search Tips

More Search tips and Troubleshooting

Tip icon To see all articles in the Library, enter % in the Search Bar and click "Search" or hit enter. The same technique can be combined with the use of filters.

Tip icon If you cannot find what you are searching for, contact us or suggest new content.

Tip iconThe application works best on Mozilla Firefox. Minor graphic elements do not display on Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

warning icon On rare occasions, the application may automatically restart itself. When this occurs, the website will be unresponsive for a brief period of time and we recommend that you close your web browser completely (not just the tab or window) and try again in 5 minutes. Contact Us if the application is unresponsive longer than 5 minutes.

warning icon Searches timeout after 15 minutes and you may get an error message that says “Sorry... your session has expired!” Click the Home Page hyperlink (seen in Figure 1) to be redirected to the Search homepage.

 Session expired- click search home hyperlink or refresh the page
Figure 1. Page Expired

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