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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Additional Resources > Minnesota Water Research Digital Library > Search Tips > Basic Search

Search Tips

Basic Search

In the Search Bar at the top of the Search homepage, enter one or more search terms with a space between each term (Figure 1).

In order for results to appear, the search terms you enter must match or correspond to terms in at least one of the six fields the Library searches: Title, Abstract, Tags, Author, Organization, and/or Journal. The Library searches these fields only; it does not search the full text of articles. See Limiting a Search to Selected Fields for more information.

The basic search barFigure 1. Basic Search Bar

Click the “Search” button or press “Enter” on your keyboard to get a table of Search Results. If no articles match your search criteria, you'll see the message “No Records Found.” See Refining Your Search to learn about several ways to customize searches and filter results.

Tip iconA search term can be a whole word or name, part of a word or name, or a multi-word phrase. Search terms are not case-sensitive.

Tip iconYou must enter at least one search term in the Search Bar to get results. Type % as a wildcard search term to see all articles in the Library

Tip iconUse partial words to broaden a search. For example, entering hydro may result in records that contain the words hydrology or anhydrous.

Tip iconTo search by location, enter a place name in the Search Bar, such as the name of a city, river, watershed or other region, which returns results with locations in the Title or Tags field.

For more information see Search Tips: Advanced Search Page.


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