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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Clean Water Research Program > List of Research Projects

Clean Water Research Projects

Project Title Recipient $$ Project Manager (MDA) Project Status
The Cover Crops, Water, and Nitrogen Nexus: How do they impact corn and soybean production and the environment? Axel Garcia y Garcia and Jeff Strock -
Southwest Research and Outreach Center
 450,223 Heather Johnson  Active 
Optimizing Woodchip Bioreactors to Reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Subsurface Drainage Water Carl Rosen - University of Minnesota  200,000  Jeppe Kjaersgaard  Active
Assessment of rate and timing of phosphorus application in corn-soybean rotations on the potential for phosphorus loss to surface waters and tile Daniel Kaiser - University of Minnesota 224,773 Heidi Peterson Active
Measuring and modeling watershed phosphorus loss and transport for improved management of agricultural landscapes Jacques Finlay - University of Minnesota 297,419 Heidi Peterson Active
Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Handbook for Minnesota Update Chris Lenhart - University of Minnesota 65,600 Heidi Peterson Active
Dual-purpose cover crops and onsite retention of water and nutrients Frank Forcella - University of Minnesota 266,156 Luke Stuewe Active
Improvement of field pennycress germplasm for use as a winter annual cover and oilseed crop James Anderson - University of Minnesota 215,930 Jeff Berg Active
Optimizing establishment of corn in cover crops and living mulches to maintain yield while reducing nitrate losses Julie Grossman - University of Minnesota 232,244 Heidi Peterson Completed
Water quality enhancements in corn cropping systems through optimization of cover crop establishment technologies M. Scott Wells - University of Minnesota 243,910 Heidi Peterson Completed
Nutrient Removal in Agricultural Drainage Ditches Jeff Strock - Southwest Research and
Outreach Center University of Minnesota
404,112 Heather Johnson Completed
Analyzing and Optimizing Denitrification in Agricultural Surface Waters Jessica Kozarek - St. Anthony Falls
Laboratory University of Minnesota
396,935 Heidi Peterson Completed
Comparison of real-time N stress sensors and remote sensing from unmanned aerial vehicles for precision management of N fertilizer and improvement of water quality David Mulla - University of Minnesota 448,953 Jeppe Kjaersgaard Active
An Integrated Sediment Budget for the Root River, Southeastern Minnesota Patrick Belmont - Utah State University 227,658 Kevin Kuehner Completed
Controlled Drainage and Bioreactor- Research and Demonstration Site Kathy Smith - Martin County SWCD 119,396 Heidi Peterson Completed
On-Farm Evaluation of Treatment Methods for Excess Nutrients in Agricultural Subsurface Tile Drainage Dean Current - University of Minnesota
312,248 Heidi Peterson Completed
Sediment Budget for Greater Blue Earth Basin and its Response to Changes in Drainage and River Discharge Karen Gran - University of Minnesota-Duluth 180,000 Heidi Peterson Completed
Ag BMP Assessment and Tracking Tool Stephanie Johnson -
Houston Engineering Inc.
102,466 Adam Birr Completed
The Agricultural BMP Handbook for Minnesota Joel Peterson and Tom Miller -
Emmons & Oliver Resources, Inc.
94,500 Adam Birr Completed
Assessment and Selection of Sentinel Watersheds for Addressing Impaired Waters Bruce Wilson and John Neiber -
University of Minnesota
106,125 Heather Johnson Completed
Identifying Priority Management Zones for Best Management Practice Implementation in Impaired Watersheds Greg Wilson - Barr Engineering 571,719 Heidi Peterson Completed
Priority Setting for Restoration in Sentinel Watersheds Chris Lenhart - University of Minnesota 288,650 Heidi Peterson Completed
Evaluation of Nutrient Retention Basins for Treating Drainage from Agricultural Landscapes Jeff Strock - University of Minnesota 183,910 Mark Dittrich Completed
Winter Rye Best Management Practices to Reduce Loads of Sediment and Nutrient to Minnesota Surface Waters Multiple Researchers -
University of Minnesota
249,008 Bob Patton and Mark Zumwinkle Completed
Tracing Sediment Sources with Meteoric 10Be: Linking Erosion and the Hydrograph Patrick Belmont - Utah State University 65,298 Adam Birr Completed
Field Evaluation of Controlled Drainage and Woodchip Bioreactors in Reducing Contaminant Losses from Farmed Fields John Moncrief - University of Minnesota 237,760 Mark Dittrich Completed
Evaluation of Alternative Surface-Water Monitoring Protocols for Use in Agricultural TMDL Load Allocation and BMP Evaluation Dennis Busch -
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
32,300 Adam Birr Completed
Evaluation of Best Management Practices in Impaired Watershed using the SWAT Model David Mulla - University of Minnesota 160,000 Adam Birr Completed
Developing a DNA Marker for Bacteria from Cattle, Swine, and Poultry Manure Michael Sadowsky - University of Minnesota 240,000 Adam Birr Completed
Targeting Best Management Practices to Critical Portions of the Landscape David Mulla - University of Minnesota 95,000 Adam Birr and Barbara Weisman Completed
Growth, Survival and Genetic Structure of E. Coli found in Ditch Sediment and Water at the Seven Mile Creek Watershed Michael Sadowsky - University of Minnesota 192,804 Adam Birr Completed
Evaluation of Acetochlor Losses to Tile Drainage Gyles Randall - University of Minnesota 30,000 Ron Struss Completed
Feasibility of an On-Farm Water Quality Program in Minnesota Jim Anderson - University of Minnesota Water Resources Center 48,500 Bruce Montgomery Completed
Validation of the Minnesota Feedlot Assessment Runoff Model (MinnFARM) for use in Assessing TMDLs Bruce Wilson - University of Minnesota 67,700 Rob Sip Completed