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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Forever Green Initiative > Population Dynamics of Soybean Cyst Nematode

Population Dynamics of Soybean Cyst Nematode in Winter Annual Oilseeds

Principal Investigator:
Senyu Chen, Professor
Southern Research and Outreach Center

Project Summary

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN, Heterodera glycines) is the most prevalent pest affecting soybean yield in the United States, especially in the Midwest.  Pennycress and camelina are being evaluated as cover crops in the corn-soybean production systems to provide a source of biofuel and environmental advantage of having a cover crop on the landscape.  Pennycress is a host and camelina is a poor host of SCN. 

Goals and Objectives:  The goal of this project is to investigate the impact of pennycress and camellia on SCN populations in the corn and soybean rotation, and the effect of SCN populations on soybean, pennycress, and camelina production. 

Approach and Methodology:  The experiments will be conducted in both field and greenhouse settings. Specifically, the objectives of the proposed project will be:

  1. to determine the effects of pennycress and camelina as cover crops on SCN population dynamics and soybean crop yield;
  2. to determine reproduction of SCN on the two oilseed crops in the greenhouse under controlled conditions;
  3. to determine pathogenicity of SCN to the two oilseed crops; and
  4. to determine variability of virulence of different SCN races to pennycress and camelina.

Anticipated Outcomes:  This project will generate information that will be critical for effective management of the SCN in soybean and cover crops in the corn-soybean production systems.  The information will be used for various extension and outreach education programs. The outcome of the research will minimize damage of the SCN to the crops and maximize the productivity of the crops.

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