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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Forever Green Initiative > Advancing Hazelnut Micro-Propagation

Advancing Hazelnut Micro-Propagation

Principal Investigator:
Jerry Cohen, Professor
Department of Horticultural Science

Project Summary

Goals and objectives: Because of the shortcomings of current propagation methods, widespread adoption of hazelnuts in the Midwest is limited by a lack of quality plants.  This proposals goal is to develop and implement micropropagation methods to obtain plants to meet the currently unfilled demand for hazelnut plants required for field trial research. 

Approach and methodology: We will develop methods using gradual changes in sugar availability and light intensity, humidity, aeration of the medium and CO2 levels to optimize survival and allow significant scale-up of current micropropagation efforts. 

Anticipated outcomes: We expect to obtain a better understanding of the limitations of large-scale micro-propagation of hybrid hazelnuts and, in the process, produce a large number of plants in the greenhouse obtained from cultured plant materials from each of 4-8 elite lines.

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