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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Clean Water Fund > Forever Green Initiative > 2018 Forever Green Projects > Optimizing IWG for baking & brewing

Optimizing the use of intermediate wheatgrass (IWG) for the baking and brewing industries

Principal Investigator:
George Annor, Professor
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Support: Forever Green Initiative, Clean Water Fund
Award Amount: $139,250

Project Abstract

The proposed work is designed to investigate and optimize the milling performance of IWG for the production of different streams of flour, and also to improve the brewing performance and quality of IWG beer. Tempering, which is the addition of water to grains for specific periods of time before milling, is critical for efficient milling and for the final application of the resulting flour. There are currently no tempering conditions established for IWG. The effects of kernel moisture, tempering temperature, and tempering time on the chemical characteristics and functionality of IWG will be studied and optimized. Then, using the optimized tempering conditions, different streams of IWG flour, intended for different applications, will be produced from a roller and a stone mill. In response to a request made by Bang Brewery, the third part of the study will investigate the effects of flaking IWG kernels after cooking to gelatinize the starch on the brewing performance and quality of IWG beer.

This study is expected to achieve the following: (a) establish optimized tempering conditions to produce refined IWG flour, which is of interest to GMI and Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, Birchwood Café, and Dumpling and Strand, (b) produce different grades of IWG flour that can be used by Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, Birchwood Café and Dumpling and Strand for various food applications (c) develop a protocol to produce beer using cooked and flaked IWG grains in collaboration with Bang Brewery for the Brewery industry.

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