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Home > Protecting Our Lands & Waters > Best Management Practices > Pollinators and Their Habitat > Pollinator Legislation and Report

Pollinator Legislation and Report

2013 Legislation

The 2013 Minnesota Legislature passed H.F. 976 which included directives that the MDA develop pollinator habitat Best Management Practices (Article 1) and submit to the legislature a Pollinator Report (Article 2).

H.F. 976 Article 1: Development of Pollinator Habitat Best Management Practices

H.F. 976 Article 1 directs the MDA to develop best management practices (BMPs) that protect pollinators by providing habitat necessary for their survival and to use funds from the pesticide regulatory account for their development. These practices will be incorporated into pesticide applicator and county agricultural inspector training, and will be used and promoted in other ways to increase public awareness of the importance of pollinators and pollinator habitat.

The MDA, working in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, University of Minnesota and USDA-Natural Resources and Conservation Services, as well as with other stakeholders, has pulled together information to respond to legislative directives.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) have been developed to protect wild and managed insect pollinators by providing habitat for their survival and reproduction. These BMPs provide voluntary practices to help REDUCE negative impacts on pollinator habitat resulting from current management practices, IMPROVE existing habitat, and CREATE new habitat in Agricultural Landscapes, Roadsides and Rights-of-Way, and Yards and Gardens.

  1. Agricultural Landscapes (PDF: 919 KB / 6 pages)
  2. Yards and Gardens (PDF: 7.86 MB / 6 pages)
  3. Roadsides and Rights-of-ways (PDF: 3.57 MB / 4 pages)

November 14, 2013 stakeholder meeting for the development of pollinator habitat BMPs

Some of these documents contain content submitted to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture by individuals or groups participating in the meeting.

H.F. 976 Article 2: Pollinator Report

H.F. 976 Article 2 (page 44) includes a requirement that by January 15, 2014 the commissioner of agriculture submit a pollinator report to the legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over agriculture and nature resources. The report will be developed in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources and representatives of the University of Minnesota.

The report is to include a proposal to establish a pollinator bank to preserve pollinator species diversity, as well as a proposal to create and enhance pollinator nesting and foraging habitat and the establishment of pollinator reserves or refuges. The report will also include the process and criteria the commissioner would use to perform a special review (PDF: 301 KB / 1 page) of neonicotinoid pesticides registered by the commissioner for use in this state currently and in the future.

The MDA has created an email list server dedicated to providing you with the latest information on review related topics being researched for the Special Registration Review of Neonicotinoid Use, Registration, and Insect Pollinators Impacts in Minnesota, along with other pollinator related activities the MDA is involved with.

Sign up: Pollinator List Server