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Water Quality BMPs for Agricultural Herbicides

Electronic distribution list for MDA pesticide non-point source pollution information:

To facilitate interaction with interested members of the public on pesticide non-point source pollution, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has developed an electronic distribution list (email listserv) to communicate via email about MDA activity related to pesticide non-point source issues. The list is MDA’s primary mechanism for such communication and serves to inform interested parties of MDA implementation of the Pesticide Management Plan, voluntary pesticide BMPs, water quality monitoring reports and related information. Future announcements on pesticide non-point source issues will be distributed to anyone who subscribes to the electronic distribution list. Subscribers are responsible for ensuring that contact information is accurate.

To subscribe to the "MDA Pesticide Non-Point Source" electronic distribution list, go to the following website and follow the instructions given:


Written (US mail) notification of program activities will continue to be provided if it is specifically requested.

List members will receive an occasional reminder that they are subscribed to the list, and can choose to remain subscribed at the email address on file, change their email address, or unsubscribe. 

MDA Contact

Gregg Regimbal, Unit Supervisor
Pesticide Management Unit
Pesticide & Fertilizer Management Division