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Terrestrial Invasive Plant Early Detection Program

The most expedient way to control invasive plants is to eliminate populations before they spread and proliferate.  As target species populations increase so do the associated costs and labor to identify, quantify, and control them.  Criteria for early detection target species are non-native, invasive plants with limited distribution in Minnesota that are assessed as high risk.  To reduce the risk these species pose, MDA works with land managers and:

  • Facilitates identification/species determination
  • Aids infestation delineation, quantification, and mapping
  • Compiles suggested practices from literature, weed scientists, and land managers for management recommendations
  • Coordinates management efforts with public and private partners
  • Communicates about species of concern with land managers in Minnesota and neighboring states

What if you find a potential early detection species?

  • Provide information on what you found and where.  Location information (GPS coordinates are preferred but not necessary) and digital photographs of the specimens are useful.  Pictures of the infestation and the plant (whole plant, leaf, flower, and stem) will aid identification.  If the plants are on private property that you do not have permission to access, note the location and call one of the numbers listed below.
  • Call the “Arrest the Pest” hotline at 1-888-545-6684 or contact Monika Chandler, Weed Program, 651-201-6537, Monika.Chandler@state.mn.us

Target species

Below is a list of invasive weed species that MDA has identified as “target species” in our early detection efforts. In partnership with EDDMaps.org out of the University of Georgia, MDA developed an interactive map displaying occurrences of these species, focusing on the upper Midwest.

Scientific name Common name
Cardamine impatiens Narrowleaf bittercress Map it!
Celastrus orbiculatus Oriental bittersweet Map it!
Centaurea solstitialis Yellow starthistle Map it!
Centaurea x moncktonii Meadow knapweed Map it!
Cynanchum louiseae Black swallow-wort Map it!
Digitalis lanata Grecian foxglove Map it!
Dipsacus fullonum Common teasel Map it!
Dipsacus laciniatus Cutleaf teasel Map it!
Inula britannica British yellowhead Map it!
Humulus japonicus Japanese hops Map it!
Linaria dalmatica Dalmatian toadflax Map it!


Aquatic invasive plants

Visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources information on aquatic invasive plants.