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Home > Plants, Pests & Pest Control > Pest Management > Noxious & Invasive Weed Program > GIS for Mapping Noxious and Invasive Weeds in Minnesota

Geographical Information System (GIS) for Mapping Noxious & Invasive Weeds in Minnesota

From the mid-90’s to 2005, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Noxious Weed Program piloted a variety of strategies for collecting and distributing geographic information regarding noxious and invasive weeds in Minnesota – as well as biological releases designed to control those weeds. These innovative strategies produced a wealth of data and lessons learned towards a more efficient and cost-effective approach to managing weeds in Minnesota.

Currently, the Noxious Weed Program is studying new methods for collecting and distributing this information. In the meantime, the previously supported “Weed Mapping Viewer” has been taken off-line. The data used to support this interactive web mapping application is available in basic form via the links below. More information is available by contacting the individuals below.

MDA Contact

Anthony Cortilet

Monika Chandler

Web Mapping Contact
Mike Dolbow