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Integrated Pest Management Manual for Minnesota Strawberry Fields

The Integrated Pest Management Manual for Minnesota Strawberry Fields publication incorporates research data collected in Minnesota during the past few years as well as tested IPM concepts and information from other sources. The current manual is intended for use as a tool to aid Minnesota strawberry growers and growers from other Upper Midwest states in sampling, monitoring, and managing key insect, mite, disease, and weed pests.

>>> Download the manual (PDF: 635 KB / 45 pages)

If you are a commercial strawberry grower in Minnesota, you can receive a printed copy by calling 651-201-6012.

Cover of the IPM Manual for Minnesota Strawberry FieldsTable of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pest Management Concepts & Definitions
  3. Using Pesticides Safely
  4. Pest Scouting
  5. Strawberry Developmental Stages & Associated Pests - Planting Year; Strawberry Developmental Stages & Associated Pests – Bearing Fields
  6. Biology & Management of Key Pests & Diseases of Strawberry
    Tarnished Plant Bug | Strawberry Bud Weevil | Flower Thrips | Twospotted Spider Mite | Cyclamen Mite | Slugs | White Grubs | Gray Mold | Anthracnose | Leather Rot | Root Diseases
  7. Weed Management in Minnesota Strawberry Fields
  8. IPM in Day Neutral Strawberries
  9. Organic Systems for June Bearing Strawberries
  10. Red Raspberries
  11. Appendix 1: Pesticide Options for Strawberries - Overview
  12. Appendix 2: Herbicide Options for Strawberries - Planting Year (Establishment)
  13. Appendix 3: Herbicide Options for Strawberries - Production Years (Bearing)
  14. Appendix 4: Insecticides for Strawberries
  15. Appendix 5: Fungicides for Strawberries
  16. Appendix 6: References and Suggested Readings
  17. Appendix 7: Sources of Pest Management Supplies

Funding for the revised 2007 Manual is provided through partnership agreements with the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (MFVGA) and the United States Department of Agriculture – Risk Management Agency (RMA). These institutions are equal opportunity providers.

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