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Home > Plants, Pests & Pest Control > Pest Management > Integrated Pest Management Program > Managing Pests in Landscapes & Homes - A Homeowners Guide to IPM in Minnesota

Managing Pests in Landscapes and Homes - A Homeowner's Guide to IPM in Minnesota

This book describes the most common weeds, insect pests, plant diseases and wildlife found in and around homes in Minnesota. It also provides a brief overview of pesticides and using them safely. The book is divided into four sections. Section 1 describes outdoor pests (weeds, insects, plant diseases, and wildlife) and management techniques associated with these pests. Section 2 describes indoor pests (insects and wildlife) and how to manage them. Section 3 defines what pesticides are and how to use them safely. Section 4 is a resource section that provides additional references for insects, pesticides, plant diseases, weeds, and wildlife including web sites, books and CD’s that can be ordered.

Download Managing Pests in Landscapes & Homes (PDF: 3.93 MB / 142 pages)

Table of Contents

  • Cover of Managing Pests in Landscapes & HomesAcknowledgements and Forward
  • Section 1 - Outdoor Pests
    • Chapter 1. Growing a Healthy Garden
    • Chapter 2. Common Weeds of Lawns and Landscapes
    • Chapter 3. Outdoor Insects
    • Chapter 4. Outdoor Plant Diseases
    • Chapter 5. Outdoor Wildlife Pests
  • Section 2 - Indoor Pests
    • Chapter 6. Indoor Insects
    • Chapter 7. Indoor Wildlife
  • Section 3 - Using Pesticides Safely
  • Section 4 - Additional Resources


  • The information presented in this book is intended for use in Minnesota. Some or all of it may not apply to other locations.
  • No endorsement is intended or implied of products or companies.

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