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Agricultural Pests

A number of invasive insects and pathogens threaten agriculture in Minnesota and could cause problems for production and export if they were to become established here. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), along with partners at the USDA and University of Minnesota, conduct an annual review of invasive pests that pose the greatest threat to Minnesota.

Bacterial wilt and canker of tomato

Basil downy mildew

Brown marmorated stink bug


Old World Bollworm

Spotted wing drosophila

Swede Midge

Highlighted Projects

Brown marmorated stink bug surveys
The MDA is surveying around sites where confirmed finds of brown marmorated stink bug have been made to determine where populations are establishing.

Commodity surveys in soybeans and corn
The MDA conducts regular surveys in corn and soybeans for exotic pests. These surveys serve an early detection function and also help to preserve access to export markets.

Pathways Survey for early detection of exotic pests
The MDA has engaged the participation of community gardens, small immigrant farms, and community supported agriculture (CSA) farms in a multi-organism exotic pest survey. The survey monitors for a large variety of new invasive pests in both urban and rural settings.

More Information

  • Use the Pest Index to find more information about a specific pest and its relationship to Minnesota.
  • Check out the Noxious Weed Program to learn more about the work being done by the MDA to combat invasive terrestrial plants.