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Pest Information

Invasive species are defined as those that are not native to Minnesota and can be expected to cause harm to the economy, environment and/or people of Minnesota. New and emerging invasive species are those that are not yet known to be present in Minnesota or are present but not widely established.

One responsibility of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture is to limit the impacts of new and emerging invasive species that affect the agricultural production systems and terrestrial landscapes of Minnesota.

The most effective way to limit the impact of an invasive species is to stop or slow its spread and this is a main focus of the MDA. However, despite best efforts some organisms do become widespread and the involvement of the MDA is reduced regarding those organisms.

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Invaders at Our Doorstep

Want to learn more about gypsy moth and other invasive species threatening Minnesota's forests? Check out our video series, "Invaders At Our Doorstep: Exotic Forest Pests of the Midwest". Find out how the Minnesota Department of Agriculture monitors and, if found, manages these pests.

Introduction (WMV: 1:20 mins / 1.93 MB)
Gypsy Moth: Part 1 (WMV: 2:45 mins / 3.99 MB)
Gypsy Moth: Part 2 (WMV: 6:45 mins / 9.75 MB)
Gypsy Moth: Part 3 (WMV: 5:49 mins / 8.42 MB)
Emerald Ash Borer (WMV: 6:26 mins / 9.31 MB)
Asian Longhorned Beetle (WMV: 4:17 mins / 6.21 MB)
Conclusion (WMV: 0:59 mins / 1.43 MB)

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