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Track EAB infestation core


To track dispersal of EAB and biological control agents, project partners initiated long-term monitoring of ash health, EAB, and EAB biological control agents in the Twin Cities in 2011. This is a large, collaborative project with multiple partners including USDA Forest Service, University of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources, and the cities of Falcon Heights, Minneapolis, Lauderdale, Roseville, and St. Paul. Three hundred ash trees were selected in the late summer of 2011. The selected trees were in the original EAB infestation area (the core infestation) and the surrounding area up to four kilometers from the core. Each tree is monitored for six years. We collect data on tree size and health. We are using branch sampling methodology to subsample ash trees for evidence of EAB and EAB biological control agents. Two branches per year are removed from each tree each year. A length is cut from each branch then peeled. Detailed information is collected on each EAB gallery, EAB larvae, biological control agent parasitoids, and native parasitoids. All study tree removals are noted in the database.

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MDA Contact

Chris Mallet, EAB Biological Control Coordinator

Jonathan Osthus, Project Manager

Plant Protection Division