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Home > Plants, Pests & Pest Control > Insects & Pests > Brown Marmorated Stink Bug > Monitoring & Biocontrol Evaluation

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: Monitoring and Biocontrol Evaluation

Funder: Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund
Project Partners:
University of Minnesota
Project Period:
7/1/2014 – 6/30/2017


The MDA is working to better track the distribution and abundance of brown marmorated stink bug in Minnesota. While the primary tool has been a pheromone-baited trap, a variety of methods are being used to collect information on brown marmorated stink bug distribution and abundance.

The University of Minnesota is evaluating the likelihood of parasitic wasp biocontrol agents to survive in Minnesota.


In the first year of this project (2014) we placed and monitored a trap at each of 100 apple orchards and vegetable farms (site at high risk for damage from brown marmorated stink bug). Brown marmorated stink bug was only found at one site in Chisago County. This indicated that brown marmorated stink bug may not be as widespread in Minnesota as previously thought.

In the second year of this project (2015), we concentrated monitoring efforts on areas where brown marmorated stink bug has previously been confirmed to determine if populations have established at these locations or if the confirmations were of early introductions that did not establish. A single BMSB adult was found in each of two traps, one in Hennepin County and one in Dakota County. A single BMSB was also discovered at a monitoring site in Stearns County but was not captured in a trap. BMSB adults and nymphs were found at a monitoring site in Chisago County. This is the only site where a reproducing population of BMSB has been confirmed in Minnesota. However, there was an upturn in confirmed reports of BMSB from the public during 2015 and due to the numbers of BMSB found at sites in St Paul we suspect there may also be a reproducing population present there.

Year three of monitoring indicates that brown marmorated stink bug numbers are on the rise in Minnesota. Experiences in other states suggest that household nuisance problems generally precede agricultural pest problems caused by brown marmorated stink bug. In 2016 stink bugs were beginning to cause some household nuisance issues in the Twin Cities. This means that there is also increasing risk to crops in these areas, particularly to apples, grapes and vegetables.

In both years we have been able to supplement survey supported by this project with additional trap-based monitoring for brown marmorated stink bug through the   "Pathways Survey"   which provides monitoring for a suite of high priority insect and pathogen threats to fruits and vegetables in Minnesota.

2016 brown marmorated stink bug monitoring

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Last Updated: June 6, 2017