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Industrial Hemp Pilot Program Application


Please carefully read all the information on the application before you fill it out. 

Under Minnesota Statue 18K, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is authorized to administer a research pilot program to study the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is defined as Cannabis sativa L. that contains no more than 0.3% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because this is a research pilot program, all pilot participants are required to submit an agronomic report to the MDA at the end of the growing season. Pilot participants should therefore record information on their fields, such as seeding rate, cultivation/harvest methods, yield, and pesticide/fertilizer use, throughout the growing season.

All persons who wish to grow industrial hemp in Minnesota must obtain a certificate with the MDA. All individuals who sell hemp seed, process hemp, or conduct laboratory testing on hemp also must obtain a certificate.

At this time, only certified seed varieties can be used per AOSCA and OECD standards and the initial labeler must have a permit to sell seed in Minnesota. For more information on those standards and Minnesota state seed law, visit the MDA’s Seed Program Website. Pilot program participants are responsible for sourcing and purchasing all hemp seed. Once the purchase has been made, the pilot participant is required to notify the MDA, who will then arrange permits and shipping.

We are required by law to collect this information and we cannot process your application without it. No one will have access to your private data except those permitted access by law, your written consent, court order, or those department employees whose job duties require access. Names, addresses of study participants, and locations of research or study sites are private data. Applications that are incomplete or do not include the required attachments will not be considered.

All applicants are required to submit a Hemp Pilot Program Change Request Form (PDF: 153 KB/ 1 page) if they wish to change any information associated with their certificate at any time during the growing season, including, but not limited to: changing a field location, number of acres grown, amount of seed planted, number of fields, and final product being produced and marketed. Any additional fees incurred by the amendment will be assessed and billed to the pilot.

2018 Application—start here: 

Are you a first-time applicant or a returning applicant?


MDA Contact

Margaret Wiatrowski
Industrial Hemp Program Coordinator