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Permitting Efficiency Goal and Report


M.S. 17.03, subd. 11a (a) It is the goal of the Department of Agriculture that environmental and resource management permits be issued or denied within 150 days of the submission of a completed permit application. The commissioner of agriculture shall establish management systems designed to achieve the goal.

Statutory Requirements

M.S. 17.03, sbud. 11a (b) The commissioner shall prepare semiannual permitting efficiency reports that include statistics on meeting the goal in paragraph (a). The reports are due February 1 and August 1 of each year. For permit applications that have not met the goal, the report must state the reasons for not meeting the goal, steps that will be taken to complete action on the application, and the expected timeline. In stating the reasons for not meeting the goal, the commissioner shall separately identify delays caused by the responsiveness of the proposer, lack of staff, scientific or technical disagreements, or the level of public engagement. The report must specify the number of days from initial submission of the application to the day of determination that the application is complete. The report for the final quarter of the fiscal year must aggregate the data for the year and assess whether program or system changes are necessary to achieve the goal. The report must be posted on the department Web site and submitted to the governor and the chairs of the house of representatives and senate committees having jurisdiction over agriculture policy and finance.