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Dairy Development & Profitability Enhancement Program Report


The Dairy Development and Profitability Enhancement Program has two primary components: Dairy Diagnostic Teams and Dairy Business Planning Grants.

Statutory Requirement

Minnesota Laws 2015, Special Session Chapter 4, Article 1, Section 2, Subdivision 3.  $634,000 the first year and $634,000 the second year are for continuation of the dairy development and profitability enhancement and dairy business planning grant programs established under Laws 1997, chapter 216, section 7, subdivision 2, and Laws 2001, First Special Session chapter 2, section 9, subdivision 2. The commissioner may allocate the available sums among permissible activities, including efforts to improve the quality of milk produced in the state, in the proportions that the commissioner deems most beneficial to Minnesota's dairy farmers. The commissioner must submit a detailed accomplishment report and a work plan detailing future plans for, and anticipated accomplishments from, expenditures under this program to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over agriculture policy and finance on or before the start of each fiscal year. If significant changes are made to the plans in the course of the year, the commissioner must notify the chairs and ranking minority members.