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Dairy Research, Teaching and Consumer Education Authority Report

Statutory Authority

Minnesota Session Laws 2013, Chapter 244, Section 38. [32C.05] Annual Report. The board shall submit a report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the senate and house of representatives agriculture committees and the governor on the activities of the authority and its contractors and lessees by February 1 of each year. The report must include at least the following:

(1) a description of each of the programs that the authority has provided or undertaken at some time during the previous year;

(2) an identification of the sources of funding in the previous year for the authority's programs including federal, state, and local government, foundations, gifts, donations, fees, and all other sources;

(3) a description of the administrative expenses of the authority during the previous year;

(4) a listing of the assets and liabilities of the authority at the end of the previous fiscal year;

(5) a description of any changes made to the operational plan during the previous year; and

(6) a description of any newly adopted or significant changes to bylaws, policies, rules, or programs created or administered by the authority during the previous year. Reports must be made to the legislature as required by section 3.195.