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Biobased Diesel Alternatives Report


The goal of this report is to identify and analyze options for the use of biobased diesel alternatives in Minnesota.

Statutory Requirement

Minnesota Laws 2008, Ch. 297, Sec. 69. Biobased Diesel Alternatives.

By January 15, 2011, the commissioners of agriculture, commerce, and pollution control shall consult with a broad range of stakeholders with technical expertise to develop and present recommendations to the NextGen Energy Board and to the chairs and ranking minority members of the Environment, Agriculture, Transportation, and Energy Policy and Finance Committees for the use of biobased diesel alternatives in the state, after reviewing the technology, economics, and operational characteristics associated with their use. For the purposes of this section, "biobased diesel alternatives" means alternatives to petroleum diesel fuel that are warrantied for use in a standard diesel engine without modification and derived from a biological resource. The commissioners may not recommend the use of a biobased diesel alternative for which an ASTM specification has not been developed, and which does not provide at least the equivalent environmental emissions benefits and local economic development potential as biodiesel produced using feedstocks grown or raised in the United States and Canada.