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AGRI (Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation) Fund Report

Statutory Requirement


Subd. 3.Oversight. The commissioner, in consultation with the chairs and ranking minority members of the house of representatives and senate committees with jurisdiction over agriculture finance, must allocate available funds among eligible uses, develop competitive eligibility criteria, and award funds on a needs basis. By February 1 each year, the commissioner shall report to the legislature on the allocation among eligible uses and any financial assistance provided under this section. 

Subd. 4.Sunset. This section expires on June 30, 2025. 

History: 2009 c 94 art 1 s 83; 2012 c 244 art 1 s 43,44; 2013 c 114 art 2 s 49,50; 2015 c 44 s 21

Minnesota Session Laws 2015, Chapter 4, Article 1, Section 2, Subdivision 4. $10,235,000 the first year and $10,235,000 the second year are for the agricultural growth, research, and innovation program in Minnesota Statutes, section 41A.12. No later than February 1, 2016, and February 1, 2017, the commissioner must report to the legislative committees with jurisdiction over agriculture policy and finance regarding the commissioner's accomplishments and anticipated accomplishments...