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Agriculture Best Management Practices Loan Program Status Report


BMPs are practicable voluntary practices that are capable of preventing and minimizing degradation of ground water and surface water, considering economic factors, availability, technical feasibility, implementability, effectiveness, and environmental effects.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is responsible for the development, promotion and evaluation of voluntary Best Management Practices (BMPs) for pesticide use, and provides information on best management practices related to water and soil quality protection.

Statutory Requirement

M.S. 17.117, Subd. 15. Commissioner's report.

  1. The commissioner shall prepare and submit a report to the house of representatives and senate committees with jurisdiction over the environment, natural resources, and agriculture by October 15 of each odd-numbered year.
  2. The report shall include, but need not be limited to, matters such as loan allocations and uses, the extent to which the financial assistance is helping implement local water and other environmental planning priorities, the integration or coordination that has occurred with related programs, and other matters deemed pertinent to the implementation of the program.