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Private Applicator Fumigation Endorsement Program

Any Private Pesticide Applicator in Minnesota seeking to use fumigants in their own on-farm operation either to stored grain or to fumigate a field (soil fumigation) must be a currently certified private pesticide applicator and must also obtain either a Stored Grain and Fumigation Endorsement or a Soil Fumigation Endorsement for Private Pesticide Applicator Certification.

Fumigant labels require applicators to comply with specified safety practices and use appropriate personal protective equipment.  Applicators must follow use directions on the fumigant's label to minimize risks associated with the use of fumigant to the applicator and to others and to  legally apply the fumigant. Good grain storage practices can reduce the need to fumigate stored grain.  To purchase stored grain fumigants farmers must provide the retailer proof of Private Applicator Certification and Fumigation Endorsement.

The Environmental Protection Agency has reclassified all soil fumigants into the restricted use category.  Soil fumigation use in Minnesota is limited to just a few active ingredients.

Applicator Certification

When the Private Pesticide Applicator Certification expires a person must retest or attend a recertification workshop and pay fees to renew.

Receiving Endorsement

Grain fumigants:  To receive the private Stored Grain and Fumigation Endorsement a person must pass a closed book test administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) or a County Agricultural Inspector.

Soil fumigants:  To receive the private Soil Fumigation Endorsement a person must pass a closed book test administered by the MDA.

The MDA has testing locations in Saint Paul, Fergus Falls or Saint Cloud.

The fumigation endorsement expires the same time that the Private Pesticide Applicator's certification expires - regardless of which year the endorsement is acquired. A person can recertify for an endorsement by retest.  Fumigation re-endorsement is the same as the initial endorsement.  There is no charge for the Private Applicator to take the Grain or Soil Fumigation exam.  There is a $5.00 charge to reprint an identification card with the new endorsement printed on it.  To avoid duplicate identification card fees, MDA will delay printing your identification card until you pass the Fumigation Endorsement exam.  Please contact the Licensing & Certification Unit at 651/201-6615 to make this request.

Things To Know

Before purchasing any fumigant, a person must read all the label instructions and take steps to follow those directions. The label spells out what you must do in order to apply the product effectively and by following the label instructions you reduce your risk to the fumigant. The procedures and tasks needed to apply the product, including supplies, personal protective equipment are included in the labeling. If the label specifies a Fumigant Management Plan, then you must complete a plan.

The links below provide additional information on the Fumigant Management Plan, fumigation frequently asked questions, applicator records, registered products and other topics.

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