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Pesticide Applicator License Types

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is the authority regulating pesticide use in Minnesota. The MDA certifies applicators as competent and qualified to obtain a license by initial testing; applicators whom the MDA deem as qualified may obtain a pesticide applicator license. The MDA issues different license types with specific categories depending on the intended application site.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator

Commercial pesticide applicator licenses are for pesticide applicators who apply any pesticide (including herbicides) “for hire”. For hire means you charge or invoice for the service. To become licensed an applicant must:

Pesticide Applicator License Categories

Commercial Noncommercial Category For application of
A Yes Yes CORE basic principles of pesticide regulation and application; required for all licensed applicators
B Yes Yes General Aerial Pesticides with an aircraft
C Yes Yes Field Crop Pest
Herbicides, fungicides and / or insecticides to agricultural crops
E Yes Yes Turf & Ornamentals Pesticides to non-agricultural areas or for ornamental propagation including lawns, parks, athletic fields, golf courses, nurseries, greenhouses
F Yes Yes Aquatic Pesticides to surface water or areas where water is present to control aquatic organism, plants
G Yes Yes Forest Spraying Pesticides in forested areas or forest plantations
H Yes Yes Seed Treatment Insecticides and fungicides to seed
I Yes Yes Anti-Microbial pesticide to HVAC ventilation systems, cooling towers and for indoor mold mitigation & remediation
J Yes Yes Rights-of-Way Pesticides to rights-of-way  including roads, utilities, ditch banks and non crop areas adjacent to surface water
K Yes Yes Agricultural Pest Control - Animal Pesticides to farm buildings and farm animals
L Yes Yes Mosquito and Black Fly
Pesticides for mosquito and black fly control
M No Yes Food Processing Pest
Management (Noncommercial)
Pesticides to food processing areas (not for hire)
N Yes Yes Stored Grain and
Fumigants and other pesticides to stored grain, processed grain, other commodities and facilities (fumigation endorsement for structural applicator)
 O Yes  Yes Soil Fumigation Pesticides to soil
P Yes Yes Vertebrate Pest Control Pesticides for vertebrate pest control
Q Yes Yes Wood Preservatives Chemical wood preservatives to lumber such as utility poles, fence posts, structural lumber, and railroad ties
R Yes Yes Sewer Root Control Pesticides for root control in sewer lines
S No Yes Noncommercial
Pesticides on, in, under or around structures (not for hire)
SPCA Yes No Structural - Master Pesticides on, in, under or around structures
SPCA Yes No Structural - Journeyman Pesticides on, in, under or around structures
SPCA Yes  No  Fumigant Endorsement Fumigant in a structure (building or grain facility)

Noncommercial Pesticide Applicator

Noncommercial licenses are for all pesticide applicators that apply restricted use pesticides (RUP) as part of their job on property owned or contracted by their employer. To become licensed an applicant must:

Structural Pest Control Applicator

Structural Pest Control Applicator licenses are for applicators that apply pesticides on or in structures. To become licensed an applicant must:

*To become licensed as a Master, the applicator must work for 2 years as a Journeyman under a Master. 

Structural Pest Control Company

Structural Pest Control Company licenses are for companies that apply pesticides in and around structures. To become licensed a company must:

License fees and surcharges (as of 7/1/07)

License Type License Fee ACCRA Surcharge Total Duplicate License Fee
Commercial Applicator $50 $8.25 $58.25 $10
Noncommercial Applicator $50 $8.25 $58.25 $10
Noncommercial-Government $10 N/A $10 $10
Structural Pest Control Applicator $50 N/A $50 N/A
Structural Pest Control Company $200 $33 $233 N/A


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