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Home > Licensing, Inspections, Certifications & Testing > Licensing > Ag Liming Materials > Agricultural Liming Material Law Summary

Agricultural Liming Material Law Summary

  1. Licensing: Licensing is required for the distribution, disposal of, offering for sale, or selling of Agricultural Liming Material (ALM) in Minnesota. An annual, nonrefundable license fee of $150 is assessed. The license is in effect from January 1 through December 31. A renewal license application needs to be submitted (postmarked) to MDA no later than December 31. A late fee of 50% of the license fee or $75 is added to renewal license applications postmarked after December 31. There is not a late fee associated with a NEW license application. Distributors or producers that distribute Industrial/Municipal by-product ALM at no charge, except for a fair and reasonable transportation charge, are exempt from fees for licensing and inspection (tonnage). Exempt distributors and producers still are required to be licensed and report tonnage's distributed.
  2. Inspection (Tonnage) Fee: Licensed distributors and producers are required to report ALM tonnage distributed twice per year (First report; postmarked no later than July 31 & Second report; postmarked no later than January 31 of the next year). The tonnage distributed as listed on report must be accompanied with a five cents per ton inspection fee. Payment of the inspection fee is the responsibility of the firm who first sells or imports the ALM in Minnesota. A $50 late fee is assessed for late tonnage reports (First report; postmarked after July 31 & Second report; postmarked after January 31 of the next year). The $50 late fee applies to both exempt and non-exempt distributors and producers.
  3. Sampling and Analyzing ALM: ALM is to be sampled and analyzed for the product's minimum Pounds of Effective Neutralizing Power (ENP) per ton quality rating. This rating is determined based on the ALM's purity or Total Neutralizing Power (TNP = calcium carbonate equivalency content), fineness or Fineness Index (FI), and moisture content. This rating is the highest number that a distributor or producer may list on a billing, delivery or invoice ticket label. Samples are taken from sources of production. A fee of $40 is assessed for each sample collected. Exempt and non-exempt producers are required to pay the sampling/analysis fee. Sampling will be done at least once per year. A $20 per sample/analysis late payment fee is assessed for invoices not paid before 60 days after billing.
  4. ALM Label Requirements: ALM distributors and producers are required to list specific information on an billing, delivery invoice or scale ticket label. The label is required to list the: (1) distributor/producer-address-quarry or stockpile sight, (2) customer's name-address, (3) type of ALM, (4) "minimum lbs. ENP per ton", and (5) weight or cubic yards distributed, and approximate weight per cubic yard. An example of a label must be sent with each license application.
  5. Distribution of ALM by the Cubic Yard: This identifies, on an annual basis, distributors or producers that distribute ALM by the cubic yard or without the use of a Department of Weights and Measures approved scale. Data relating to the approximate weight per cubic yard for each vehicle, measuring device, or loading device used for distribution is required.
  6. Annual ALM Official Quality Analysis Report: This report is issued once per year listing the ALM samples collected and analyzed from all the producers licensed with MDA.

This summary does not include all the specifics as listed in Minnesota statutes, Section 18C.531 to 18C.675.

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