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Home > Minnesota Ag in the Classroom > Food for Thought Mapping Curriculum

Food for Thought Mapping Curriculum


Cover from the 4th edition of the Food for Thought Mapping CurriculumConnecting Minnesota Geography with Agriculture

Welcome to the 4th Edition of Food for Thought: Connecting Minnesota Geography with Agriculture. This unique classroom resource is the result of a long-standing working relationship between the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation and Program and the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education. Their support allow for you to access this curriculum FREE of charge!

This 4th Edition features 18 Minnesota academic standards-based K-12 lessons and maps. We hope the breadth of content in these lessons, along with the wide variety of companion maps, will inspire interest in the geography of Minnesota agriculture and enrich your classroom learning experience. These lessons and maps are designed to enable students and others to locate themselves amidst the grand mosaic of fields, ethanol plants, roads and food processing facilities found across Minnesota. It is our hope that this curriculum will create a sense of connection between Minnesota residents and those engaged in agriculture.

The bond between agriculture and geography is evident in the academic standards for social studies, specifically geography. Food for Thought boasts agricultural-related benchmarks for all grades. These lessons support the expectation of students to be able to use maps to understand regions, analyze contemporary lifestyles and make informed locational decisions.

The entire 4th Edition of Food for Thought is available online and the 18 lesson Teacher Guide is also available in hard copy. Use the Minnesota Ag in the Classroom online order form to get the hard copy book. The full menu (44 maps) of companion maps is available in both full color and black and white versions right here. You can also access all maps and companion resources/links needed per lesson also right here on this site.