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Minnesota Farm to School Grant Recipients

Fiscal Year 2016

School District/Child Care Project Summary
Alexandria Public Schools Remodel of kitchens to increase local purchasing, including through the Fresh Connect Food Hub. Major purchases include soak sinks, serving tables, gas counter top kettle, utility carts, reach in and walk in refrigerators, freezer, microwaves, robot coupe blades, and prep table. ($50,000)
Bluffview Montessori Install a combination walk-in cooler/freezer. ($13,479.24)
Brooklyn Center Community Schools Purchase two combi-ovens. ($32,476)
Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart Schools Purchase salad bars, food processor, food pans, and knives. Will help the schools serve more fresh produce and prepare produce to be kept for the winter months. ($2,104.46)
Civic League Day Nursery Received both Feasibility and Equipment grants. Through feasibility study, develop purchase agreements with local farmers and create seasonal menus to focus on Minnesota grown items. Will jumpstart their program with the purchase of a Robot Coupe. (Equipment: $1,250; Feasibility: $5,625)
Dawson-Boyd Schools Purchase a walk-in cooler, food processor, and slicer. The cooler would replace one that was installed in 1962! ($9,488)
Dilworth Glyndon Felton Purchase a combi-oven and a Robot Coupe. ($15,000)
Eden Prairie School Prepare Minnesota raised chickens using two new rotisserie ovens.  The district anticipates being able to serve 1,600 pounds of chicken in the first year of implementation. ($9,912.50)
Foley Public School Upgrade the elementary kitchen with the purchase of a rotating oven.  The oven will improve baked, steamed, and roasted products. Cooler upgrades will help them store more products. ($8,870)
Hastings School District Purchase hot and cold well carts for one elementary school.  The rest of the elementary schools were upgraded using a previous grant, but this school could not be easily upgraded because of the height of the serving counters. ($30,550)
Healthy Northland Work with Duluth Public Schools to offer baked-good breakfast options. Purchase local foods such as apples, squash, carrots, and eggs to include in the breakfast items. Equipment grant will support purchase of mixing bowls, measuring cups, and muffin tins. Project will leverage a USDA Farm to School grant. ($13,960.50)
Jackson County Central School District Purchase a two-door refrigerator to increase the amount of Minnesota grown produce they can purchase, store, and serve. Since installing a salad bar at an elementary school earlier this year, more storage capacity is needed. ($1,320.53)
Kasson-Mantorville Public Schools Purchase an apple corer, vegetable dicer for the Robot Coupe, prep table, and steamer. Will help them serve more Minnesota grown produce on salad bars and fruit and vegetable bars. ($4,843.10)
Lac qui Parle Valley Schools Upgrade their “grab and go” capacities and will start offering homemade soups each day. Equipment purchases will include display cases, a holding cabinet, Robot Coupe, and soup servers. ($7,524.01)
Lakes Country Service Cooperative The service cooperative, which operates the Fresh Connect Food Hub, will purchase a walk-in cooler. ($14,250)
Lewiston-Altura Public Schools Install a combi-oven at the intermediate school and will add a salad bar to the high school. The district has recently doubled the number Farm to School partners and offers a variety of local options including produce and bison. ($7,500)
Madelia School District Purchase two combi-ovens to replace an old gas cooktop and convection oven. ($20,239.85)
Minneapolis Public Schools Work with a leading contractor to complete a feasibility study that would examine preparing whole produce in house, rather than needing to rely on a produce distributor/processor. ($27,093.75)
Onamia Public Schools Purchase dicing and dice cleaning kits for an existing Robot Coupe, and convert an old freezer into a cooler. Will help the school efficiently prepare more local foods and purchase produce in greater quantities. ($1,020.76)
Park Rapids Area Schools Purchase two combi-ovens, a pass-thru refrigerator, and a convection oven. ($25,000)
Playhouse Child Care Center Received both Feasibility and Equipment grants  Will remodel the small, inefficient kitchen areas and purchase microwaves/steamers, stock pots, tongs, slicers/peelers, hand washing sinks, and oven. Includes locations in Monticello and St. Cloud. Determine logistics to increase local purchases, become knowledgeable about resources and supporting organizations, and identify strategies to provide additional Minnesota foods (including to infants). (Equipment: $19,526.18; Feasibility: $8,930.55)
Reach-Up Inc. Beginning a Farm to School program. Small equipment purchases will help to use more Minnesota grown foods without adding to labor costs. ($1,081)
Richfield Public Schools Purchase hot and cold serving and holding equipment for the high school and mobile serving equipment for Richfield Dual Language Elementary School. Will allow them to purchase and prepare more Minnesota products and do more scratch cooking while also improving food safety. ($42,895)
Riverside Christian School Purchase a 10-burner gas range and a steamer. Will replace unreliable equipment and help school use more fresh fruits and vegetables. ($2,292.20)
Saint Paul Public Schools Purchase of "sous vide" machine for the Nutrition Center. Machine will allow the school to purchase local animal protein. ($50,000)
Shakopee Public Schools Purchase milk coolers to increase purchases of Minnesota milk.
St. John's Area School Purchase a convection oven, salad bar, shelving units, and kitchen prep equipment. They anticipate being able to offer Minnesota grown fruits and vegetables at least three times per week. ($6,137.37)
Tracy Area Public Schools Purchase a combi-oven and a convection oven. School anticipates serving corn-on-the-cob and potatoes. ($14,472)
Westbrook Walnut Grove School Purchase an electric range, convection oven, and steamer. ($14,225)
Winona Area Public Schools Purchase yogurt machines and breakfast carts to increase use of Minnesota milk-based products. ($5,500)
Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Purchase two cook and hold units and a stacked convection oven. ($10,950)

Fiscal Year 2015

School Name Description
Child Care Resource & Referral Head Start Currently, CCRR works with the Southeast Minnesota Food Network to purchase organic meats, fruits, and vegetables for one school. They plan to expand this program through purchasing a steamer and installing it in another one of their schools. This will help them address the student’s needs, of which a high percentage has food restrictions. ($3,500.00)
Eastern Carver County Schools The hot and cold wells at Chaska Middle School West do not provide adequate temperature control or space to display fruits and vegetables. By replacing these wells with updated equipment, they will be able to serve more fresh fruits and vegetables grown by Minnesotan farmers. ($50,000.00)
Bemidji Area Schools The kitchen equipment at Horace May Elementary is outdated and does not properly cook fresh produce. This grant will allow the school to purchase a combi-oven, which will allow them to serve fresh produce beyond the fresh fruit and vegetable bars. With this equipment, they will be able to store produce, use fresh ingredients, and improve the nutrition of their students. ($13,348.00)
Foley Public School Foley Public Schools currently serves various fresh fruits and vegetables in their schools. They are purchasing a tilting braising pan and the utensils to accompany it in order to make more meals from scratch. The meals will incorporate additional Minnesota grown produce to create meals such as stir-fry’s, sauces, and roasted vegetables. ($11,351.09)
Waconia Independent School District Waconia will expand its farm to school program through the purchase of a pasta maker, frozen yogurt maker, and a popcorn maker. Cooks will use this equipment to create snacks and meals that are locally sourced and comply with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. ($37,909.00)
Hastings School District (Equipment) Hastings School District will buy hot and cold wells alongside colanders, pans, dicers, serving utensils, knives, and cutting boards to install at three elementary schools. These tools will allow them to buy a greater variety and quantity of produce from Minnesota farmers. ($15,000.00)
Hastings School District (Feasibility) Hastings School District will conduct a feasibility study to research and assess area farmers’ interest and capacity to provide produce for upcoming and future school years. Through this study, logistics, communications, and pricing plans will be created to ensure future farmer and farm to school project success. ($6,000.00)
Hopkins Public Schools Hopkins Public Schools will purchase standing mixers, immersion blenders, a combi-oven, and a braising pan to increase produce and meat purchases from Minnesota farmers. These tools will allow them to serve a greater variety of foods derived from Minnesota agricultural products. ($50,000.00)
Heron Lake-Okabena School District The elementary school kitchen will be remodeled to a new service area that will include portable hot and cold storage units, a serving counter, knives, cutting boards, and a portable tray and utensil holder. These improvements will allow them to prepare and serve a greater quantity of safe and Minnesota grown produce. ($23,099.00)
Dover-Eyota Public Schools The elementary school’s heat and serve kitchen will be remodeled to allow processing and storage of raw produce. They will purchase peelers, a food processor, mixer, worktable, cold food counter, a walk-in cooler, titling kettle, and other tools in order to increase purchasing of Minnesota grown raw carrots and potatoes. ($22,425.00)
Rochester Public Schools Rochester Public Schools will replace and expand the walk in cooler located in the district warehouse. This added space will allow the district to receive greater quantities of Minnesota grown produce and limit the amount of processed foods served to students. ($50,000.00)
Ely Public Schools Ely Public Schools will purchase a steamer, food processor, electric slicer, refrigerator, food prep table, chiller, hot water heater, and dishwasher to expand their farm to school program. With these tools, they will be able to process, store, and safely serve more Minnesota grown produce to their growing free and reduced lunch student population. ($18,758.00)
Sartell-St. Stephen School District Four schools will benefit from the purchase of two combi-ovens, one boilerless steamer, two hot water dispensers, a work table, and four refrigerated salad coolers. With these tools, the quality and array of produce purchased from Minnesota farms will increase. They will also allow the district to increase the safety and nutritional content of the foods served. ($50,000.00)
Lewiston-Altura Public Schools Lewiston-Altura will purchase and install a new cooler and freezer unit in their elementary school. Due to costly freezer and cooler constraints, they are unable to purchase large quantities of produce from area farmers. Through this purchase, they will be able to continue and expand their farm to school efforts with the expanded storage space. ($34,592.22)
Wadena Deer Creek Schools Wadena Deer Creek Schools will purchase sheet and perforated pans, containers and lids, utility carts, a pan rack, and other serving materials to expand their farm to school program to the middle and high schools. They will also replace existing worn materials, which will help them continue their current efforts in the elementary school. ($2,162.24)
Lakes Country Service Cooperative Lakes Country Service Cooperative will purchase packing containers, a two hole packing table and scales, a food processor, sectionizers, smallware sets, salad bar/container sets, knives, and blades to increase schools’ purchases of Minnesota grown products. The school districts they serve do not have the capacity to process and serve the produce cooperative farmers want to sell, which is being addressed through this project. ($10,631.00)
Playhouse Child Care Center (St. Cloud) Playhouse Child Care Center (St. Cloud) will purchase a refrigerator, steam pans, a food processor, and a knife set to begin serving locally grown produce. During previous farm to school efforts the school faced spoilage issues as well, which will be addressed through this grant to ensure success. ($1,687.86)
Playhouse Child Care Center (Monticello) Playhouse Child Care Center (Monticello) will purchase a refrigerator, microwave, blender, and storage containers. They will use these items to serve locally grown produce to children enrolled in their program; including production of baby food for infants. ($1,883.97)
Special School District No. 1 (Minneapolis) Minneapolis Public Schools, in an effort to shift away from heat and serve lunches, will install 8 salad bars throughout their schools. The salad bars will feature 7,500 additional pounds of local, seasonal, and fresh produce per year. ($42,000.00)
St. John’s Area School St. John’s Area School will purchase a walk-in freezer and equipment to prepare and store fresh fruits and vegetables. These purchases will allow the school to expand their farm to school program, which will serve local produce three days a week instead of one. It will also help them to eliminate spoilage issues they currently face. ($10,121.47)
White Earth Land Recovery Project White Earth Land Recovery Project (WELRP) will purchase a walk-in freezer, four chest freezers, knives and peelers, a salad bar, freezer bags, and compostable dishware to install at three schools located on the White Earth Reservation. These tools will be used to process and store locally grown foods, which will allow WELRP to purchase and serve greater quantities of Minnesota grown produce. ($9,174.00)
Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center will purchase and install a walk-in freezer, stove and exhaust system, and stainless steel worktables. This equipment will be used to expand storage capacity and processing ability for fresh produce and beef and pork raised in Minnesota. This will result in greater purchasing of Minnesota agricultural products including produce raised on their own farm and meats purchased from other Minnesota farmers. ($13,300.00)


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