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Home > Grants, Loans & Financing > Grant Opportunities > GFAP Equipment and Physical Improvement Grant > GFAP Grant Recipients

Good Food Access Program (GFAP) Equipment and Physical Improvement Grant Recipients

Fiscal Year 2017

Recipient Project Summary
Mini Market Lupita Mini Market Lupita is a female owned/operated full-service grocery store located in Worthington, MN. Mini Market Lupita focuses on providing culturally appropriate foods specifically for the local Hispanic/Latino, Southeast Asian, and Somali populations. For their GFAP grant project Mini Market Lupita will add refrigeration and freezer space. Mini Market Lupita will be working with the Nobles County Community Services to participate in the Corner Store Grocery Project. This project will focus on highlighting nutritious foods offered in grocery stores and providing education to employees and consumers about the benefits of nutritious foods.
Collier’s Supermarket Collier’s Supermarket is a family-owned full-service grocery store located in Saint James, MN. For their GFAP grant project Collier’s Supermarket will retrofit a produce case in order to offer more specific products such as fruits and vegetables.
Pierz Foods Pierz Foods is a husband and wife run full-service grocery store located in Pierz, MN. Pierz Foods offers a grocery delivery service to local seniors and community members who are unable to visit their store. For their GFAP project Pierz Foods will purchase coolers and shelves in hopes of increasing store capacity, with a focus on Minnesota grown products.
Our Community Food Projects Our Community Food Projects is a local non-profit based in Stillwater, MN. Our Community Food Projects has been developing a community operated market stand for the community of Landfall, MN – a suburb of Saint Paul. For their GFAP project Our Community Food Projects will build a refrigeration trailer to allow for transport assistance to be provided to farmers from Cimarron Farm and Gardens who will operate this market stand.
White Earth Nation White Earth Nation is a Native American tribal community located in White Earth, MN. For their GFAP project White Earth Nation will purchase a refrigeration truck to be used for the White Earth Mobile Market. In addition, they will purchase two vegetable display coolers for two separate convenience stores, Richwood Store in Richwood, MN and Chief Corner Store in Ponsford, MN.
Minnesota Halal Meat & Grocery Minnesota Halal Meat & Grocery is an ethnic food/grocery store located in Saint Cloud, MN. For their GFAP project Minnesota Halal Meat & Grocery would like to install a dairy cooler, walk-in freezer, a produce display, and additional shelving. The goal of this project is to provide more healthy and culturally appropriate foods to the Saint Cloud community and specifically the local Somali population.
McKinley Community McKinley Community is an urban farm that runs a community-supported-agriculture (CSA) operation, vends at a farmers’ market, and anticipates opening a retail location in Minneapolis, MN. McKinley Community leases four vacant lots in the McKinley neighborhood of Minneapolis to grow their produce. For their GFAP project McKinley Community plans to purchase and install new refrigeration equipment, cooler display shelving, and outdoor signage for promotion.
Lake Benton Grocery Lake Benton Grocery is a full-service grocery store run by a husband and wife team located in Lake Benton, MN. For their GFAP project Lake Benton Grocery will replace their current freezer with a more energy efficient model. The current freezer was installed in 1972 and has become a source of frustration for the store. The new freezer will allow for Lake Benton Grocery to reduce their energy costs and decrease freezer breakdown and potential product loss.