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Home > Grants, Loans & Financing > Grant Opportunities > AGRI Crop Research Grants > AGRI Crop Research Grant Program Recipients

AGRI Crop Research Grant Program Recipients

Fiscal Year 2017

$1.9 million was awarded to 10 research projects:

Title Organization Contact Crop
Improving sustainable management practices for SWD, an emerging pest of small fruit in MN Regents of the University of Minnesota Mary Rogers spotted wing drosophila controls while protecting pollinators
Increasing the capacity of an applied, genomics-assisted Kernza breeding program
Regents of the University of Minnesota James A. Anderson
increase sustained yields and measure carbon footprint
Identification and Characterization of the Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance in Dry Bean
Regents of the University of Minnesota
Senyu Chen
dry bean resistance to soybean cyst nematode
Reducing Canola Input Costs through Singulation and Row Spacing
Minnesota Canola Council
Nancy Ehlke
singulation to reduce cost of planting
Develop Vitamin D3-enriched tomato varieties for Minnesota growers
Regents of the University of Minnesota Changbin Chen
development of tomatoes that have higher level of vitamin D3 for improved health benefits
Utilizing structural engineering principles to develop lodging resistant oats
Regents of the University of Minnesota
Kevin P. Smith
develop a structural model to prevent lodging in oats
Breeding Barley and Soybean for a Dual Cropping System
Regents of the University of Minnesota Aaron Lorenz
evaluate and develop soybean and winter barley varieties for use in a winter barley-soybean cropping system
Develop a hybrid hazelnut production package for Minnesota
Regents of the University of Minnesota Lois Braun
germplasm evaluation and agronomic trials for proper fertilization
Agronomic and breeding strategies for improved pennycress grain yield and oil content
Regents of the University of Minnesota
M. Scott Wells
determine optimal harvest to min. grain loss + oil yield, compare to soybean yield + test shatter resistance lines
Plant Growth, Development and Yield Influenced by Sulfur Applied in Soybean, Spring Wheat
Minnesota Turf Seed Council
Nancy Ehlke
add sulfur to increase yields

Fiscal Year 2016

Title Organization Contact
Laying the foundation for an applied, genomics-assisted oat breeding program at the University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Kevin Smith
Optimizing soil management to enhance potato yields & soil health in fumigated soil
University of Minnesota Linda Kinkel
Integrated disease management for cultivated wild rice
Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council Beth Nelson
Barley breeding for the Minnesota craft brewing industry
University of Minnesota
Kevin Smith
New winter hardy perennial ryegrass to improve the profitability of grazing and haymaking
University of Minnesota Nancy Ehlke
Sustainable protein for aquaculture from alfalfa
USDA Agricultural Research Service
Deborah Samac
Increasing adoption of cover cropping systems through research-based education
University of Minnesota Scott Wells
Investigating genetic resistance to foliar phylloxera in cold hardy hybrid grapes
University of Minnesota Matthew Clark
Fine fescue: a new grass seed crop for Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Eric Watkins

Fiscal Year 2015

Title Organization Contact
Using High Tunnels to Increase Crop Production, Market Access, and Vegetable Crop Diversity in Minnesota University of Minnesota Chris Philips
Determining Best Agronomic Practices for Winter Barley Production in Minnesota University of Minnesota Brian Steffenson
Spring and Winter Barley Variety Development and Production Practices Busch Agricultural Resources Joshua Butler
Old Heirloom and English Hard Cider Apple Varieties For Minnesota Wild River Vineyards Irving Geary
Developing New Hairy Vetch Varieties for Winter Cover University of Minnesota Nancy Ehlke
Evaluation of Processability and Storage Stability of Intermediate Wheatgrass for Food Applications University of Minnesota Baream Ismail
Digital Imagery-Precision Agriculture Northland Community & Technical College Dave Grafstrom
Improving Canola Yields and Quality Through Best Management Practices for Diseases Minnesota Canola Council Beth Nelson
New Regionally-Adapted Heirloom Dry Beans for Organic Production University of Minnesota Thomas Michaels
Proper Nitrogen Crediting from Cover Crop Species Grown Prior to Com University of Minnesota Daniel Kaiser
Hazelnut Micropropagation: Plant Acclimatization from Flask to Field University of Minnesota Jerry Cohen
Flavor/Sensory Analysis of Different Winter Rye for Distillery Industry Far North Spirits Michael Swanson
Increasing the Availability and Adoption of Aphid-resistant Soybean for More Sustainable Soybean Production University of Minnesota Robert Koch
Greening the Brown Period of the Corn and Soybean Rotation with Self-perpetuating Winter Annual and Perennial Cover Crop Systems University of Minnesota Don Wyse

Fiscal Year 2014

Title Organization Contact
Improving Alfalfa Production, Quality and Value Midwest Forage Assocation Craig Sheaffer
Remote Scouting of Insect Damage Using unmanned Aerial Systems University of Minnesota Ian MacRae
Agronomic Value of Crop Rotations in Northwest Minnesota Minnesota Canola Council Nancy Jo Ehlke
Intermediate Wheatgrass: Managing a new perennial grain for food, forage and bioenergy Minnesota Turf Seed Council Marvin Zutz
Growing polycultures for multiple high-value outputs: natural products, seed and biomass University of Minnesota Craig Sheaffer
Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to record and analyze Crop Nutrient Research Minnesota Turf Seed Council  Nancy Jo Ehlke
Developing Spring and Winter Two Row Barley to Diversity Minnesota Agriculture University of Minnesota Kevin Smith
Millet as a second crop in Minnesota to add value to farmers and consumers University of Minnesota KoushikSeetharaman
Yields and Practices of Profitable Apple and Tomato Producers Central Lakes College Thaddeus McCamant
Northwest Minnesota on-farm Research network: Grower driven, field scale solutions to priority wheat production issues Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council David Torgerson

MDA Contact

David Weinand, Program Administrator

Ag Marketing & Development Division