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Home > Grants, Loans & Financing > Grant Opportunities > AGRI Crop Research Grants > AGRI Crop Research Grant Program FAQ

AGRI Crop Research Grant Program Request for Proposals FAQ

Questions and Answers

  1. Are proposals that focus on corn and soybeans eligible under the grant? What if another crop can be included as an additional crop?

    Preference will be given to research on crops with limited access to other research funds. Including a proposal that incorporates dual cropping would be eligible and could create an additional rotation to corn/soybeans.
  2. A match is not required but other sources of funds for research is preferred. What are some suggestions for funds?

    The growers associations and research and promotion councils for the crop you are looking at completing research with would be an excellent suggestion of where to look for additional matching funds.
  3. Would research to develop a new variety of corn for livestock use be eligible under this grant?

  4. Would research to develop / study a new use for the grain be eligible?

    Potentially yes, we haven’t had any applications exploring the end use as of yet but as long as it meets the goals of the grant it would be eligible.
  5. Does a research need to be involved?

    A researcher should be involved in conducting the experiments.
  6. When is the deadline?

    November 22, 2017 @ 4:00 PM.
  7. Is the Crop Research Grant competitively awarded?

  8. Can the Minnesota Department of Agriculture offer assistance or just direction relating to the grant?

    Since it is a competitively awarded grant, we can only provide direction.
  9. Do you know of any grant writers that are familiar with the grant?

    No, most principal investigators have written their own applications to the grant.
  10. Are there limits to the number of applications from a company or would multiple applications be acceptable?

    There is no limit to the number of applications any organization can apply for under the grant but the review committee reserves the right to distribute the funds across several crops.
  11. Will the results of all funded projects need to be made public?

    Once a project is funded the application becomes public. Any protection by the applicant needs to be labeled as trade secret to be protected.
  12. Is building equipment to scale up from a prototype model eligible under the grant?

    Yes if you will be testing a theory or application on a more applicable to the end user basis construction costs would be eligible as long as you detail the reasoning behind it and it will be used towards the results of research.
  13. What is the timeline for the crop research grants? When can they start and when is the end date when projects need to be completed?

    We plan to announce in early February those applications that will be funded and as soon as contracts are signed work can begin. Projects need to be completed by within 3 years.
  14. Can I invite one or two researchers from other states as collaborators or do we have to have all researchers in the project from MN?

    You can have collaborators from other states the research needs to happen in Minnesota because the funding is coming from the Minnesota legislature and to benefit Minnesota crop producers.
  15. When would the funds would become available for funded Crops Research Grants?

    Early February.
  16. Would payments to an out of state facility be an allowable expense?

    Yes as long as it is explained clearly so that the review committee understands the purpose.
  17. We would like to develop a grant proposal on developing a different or enhanced trait for an existing crop grown in Minnesota for a potential growing market. There has been some interest from some individuals interested in developing such a crop so that they can use a different processing method. Do you think MDA would entertain such a proposal? 

    Yes I think the MDA would entertain your research proposal. I would recommend a letter of recommendation.

Updated: September 21, 2017

MDA Contact

David Weinand, Project Administrator

Ag Marketing & Development Division