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Voluntary Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards Resources for Local Public Health

Agency or Organization Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Food Safety and Defense Task Force (MN FSDTF) Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Clearinghouse Work Group (CWG)
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Description Information about Regional Retail Food Protection Seminars, a link to sharing sessions about the standards, a listing of enrolled jurisdictions, and a link to the actual standard language Information on enrolling in the standards, applying for grants, and current program award data Retail program standards mentorship program. Applications are due in October and the program runs December through August. The Crosswalk on Public Health Accreditation and Retail Program Standards is also available Minnesota Food Safety and Defense Task Force website contains Model MDA documents and examples of standard operating procedures used by the MDA Food and Feed Safety Division. Guidance and model documents related to specific standards, available online. Implementation of the Retail Program Standards document.
Retail standard question interpretation, group consists of two FDA Regional Retail Food Specialists, one member of the retail food policy team at CFSAN, five state, local, tribal, or territorial members, and the current CFP program standards committee chair.


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