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2016-17 Organic Certification Cost Share - Minnesota Program Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

How much am I eligible for?

The program reimburses 75% up to a maximum of $750 per certificate or category of certification. For example: if you are certified for crops only, you are eligible for a payment of up to $750. If you are a farm certified for both crops and livestock or you are a processor with two different certified facilities, you are eligible for a payment up to $1,500. But you only have to submit one application form.

Operations with suspended, revoked, or withdrawn certifications are ineligible for organic certification rebates.

I operate in more than one state, or my mailing address is in a different state than my operation. Where do I apply?

Apply to the state where the farm or facility is physically located. This information typically appears on the organic certificate.

How do I apply?

Mail a signed application to the MDA by October 31, 2017. Many certifiers have agreed to send supporting documentation directly to us. However, some applicants will have to submit proof of certification and copies of itemized statements (no self-completed worksheets or cancelled checks) from certifying agencies that show payments made. Please read #2 on the application form carefully for details on what to submit.

Where do I send the application?

MDA Organic Cost Share/AMD
625 Robert St N
Saint Paul, MN 55155-2538

We do not accept e-mail or fax applications.

When is the application due?

It must be postmarked or hand delivered by 4:00 p.m. on October 31, 2017. If postmark is illegible, we will consider the application to have been postmarked one day before we received the envelope. Late applications will be denied.

May I apply for cost share with USDA-FSA?

Applicants that do not wish to apply with the MDA may apply through their local FSA Office. Questions for FSA can be directed to Lisa McDonald, Minnesota State FOIA Officer, 651-602-7077.

Funding for this program is provided by and contingent upon funds from cooperative agreement USDA-FSA-PECD-NOCCS-2017 between the USDA Farm Service Agency and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

MDA Contact

Cassie Dahl

Ag Marketing and Development Division