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Minnesota Grown Wholesale Directory Registration

The Minnesota Grown Wholesale Directory is an online listing of registered Minnesota Grown members who are currently marketing their products to wholesale markets such as grocery stores, restaurants, distributors, institutions, and schools.

Minnesota Grown Member Information
For use by wholesale buyers
For use by wholesale buyers
For use by wholesale buyers
Business Information
Describe your business and products—size of your business, quantity of product sold, number of acres, types of markets you sell to, products that you wish to highlight, any special features of your business that you want potential buyers to know, etc.
Describe your level of experience as a wholesale producer—years of farming, any examples of current or previous accounts that you wish to note, years selling to wholesale markets, etc.
Describe delivery/shipping/packing/scale options—what geographic areas you service, minimum/maximum product quantities, list distributors that carry your product (if applicable). Do you deliver direct to the store/restaurant, ship via distributor(s), UPS, FedEx, other?, etc.
How much liability insurance does your food business carry?

Does your food business have any third party certifications? (check all that apply)


**ONLY check products offered to wholesale buyers – do not include products only available directly to individual consumers.**

Specialty Foods

Meat & Poultry


Fresh Produce

List any other products available for wholesale not listed above

Consider sending up to three photos or third party certification logos to display with your Wholesale Directory listing. All listings come with the Minnesota Grown Proud Member logo.

NOTE: The file names of your attachments must be all one word, lowercase, 20 characters or less, and cannot include special characters. Example: mycompanylogo.jpg