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Join Minnesota Grown

Minnesota farmers, ranchers, farmers' markets, meat markets that sell local meat, and others are invited to join Minnesota Grown, a grower-directed program which helps you promote your products and connect with consumers.

Minnesota Grown was established in the 1980's to promote fruits and vegetables. It has since become synonymous with fresh food and ornamental products of great quality and variety. There are currently more than 1,000 growers licensed to use the logo; growers with agricultural products diverse as Angus beef, crop mazes, peonies and Christmas trees.

3 Easy Ways to Join MN Grown:

  1. Contact us and we'll send you an application form in the mail.
  2. Download, print, then mail and application form (PDF: 91 KB / 3 pages)
  3. Apply Online!! Online licensing is fast and secure. There is a small handling fee. For online licensing, be prepared to pay with a credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or by electronic check handling.

If you apply for a Directory listing, your information may be checked by clicking on Search the Minnesota Grown Directory. Please allow 2-3 weeks for data entry with mailed applications. After you apply, your Directory listing information may be updated (for the printed Directory) through the end of February if you contact us.

Why Join?

Growers use the logo because Minnesota consumers prefer to buy local, fresh products for their quality and because many consumers also have an interest in supporting small farms, diversified agriculture and rural communities. It only costs $20 to join. For that small investment you receive:

  • A license to use the Minnesota Grown logo - a valuable tool to differentiate and promote your products that were grown or raised in Minnesota (many growers incorporate the logo onto their product packaging, website, signs, etc.);
  • Access to free stickers and posters to help promote your Minnesota Grown products;
  • Continuous information on events and promotions through our newsletters, access to cooperative promotions with grower organizations, etc; and for growers that sell direct to the consumer
  • Eligibility to be included in the Minnesota Grown Directory.

You can apply for a calendar-year Minnesota Grown License at any time, but to ensure a spot in the printed Directory, you must apply by the end of February. The Minnesota Grown Directory is distributed FREE statewide at participating farms, churches, libraries, travel information centers, by extension agents, realtor's, and many more. In 2010, 190,000 directories were printed for statewide distribution to consumers. The cost for a Directory listing is only $40. That includes both your listing in the printed book and an online listing.

Directory listings are available to Minnesota growers with a current Minnesota Grown License, including nurseries, ranchers, meat markets selling Minnesota Grown meats, farmers' markets, and others who grow or raise agricultural products and sell direct to the consumer. There are currently more than 850 farm and market listings in the Directory.

Additional Minnesota Grown Directory Listing Information

Directory listings are available to Minnesota producers with a current license, including nurseries, ranchers, meat markets selling Minnesota Grown meats, farmers' markets & others who grow or raise agricultural products and sell direct to the consumer.

Take time to review your listing to see if this is the picture you want to paint of your farm or market. This is your invitation to the public to visit you or try your products, so emphasize your strengths and what makes you unique. Think about someone who's never visited your farm. Take the opportunity to make a concise & catchy sales pitch they can't refuse!

We generally enter directory listing information within a week of its arrival, so if you have web access, you can see what your listing looks like by visiting MinnesotaGrown.com If you don't have web access, please ask a friend or family member to print your listing to check for errors. We can modify your listing for the printed directory through March 1, so let us know if you have changes even after you submit your application form. Changes to your listing can be submitted at any time for the online version.

About the Product/Service Index (your five selections):

  1. Choose only products that you have grown or raised: For example, an apple grower who also sells honey from a local beekeeper can select "apples" but not "honey" as one of their five product/service choices. You may use your 550 character description to promote products from another farm. (The goal of the Directory is to link consumers directly with the farmers who grew or raised the product.)
  2. Farmers' Markets: Only farmers markets that include multiple vendors will be allowed to select "Farmers' Market" for the Product/Service index. We're also limiting farmers' markets to just the "farmers' market" choice in the index. (The exception to that rule is for MN Grown locations such as nurseries that also host multiple growers from their area on their property on a regular basis as a farmers' market.)
  3. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms: Similarly, if you are a CSA Farm, you may only select "CSA" for the Farm Product/Service Index – unless you also sell items directly to consumers who are not CSA members…those may be included in addition to the CSA choice.

Organic Products: If you use the term "organic" to represent your products in the Directory in any way, you must be certified by a USDA-accredited certifying agency unless you qualify as an "exempt grower" (your sales total $5,000 or less annually, and you comply with all requirements, including recordkeeping, of the USDA National Organic Program). Visit the MDA's Organic Agriculture webpage for information or call Meg Moynihan at 651-201-6616. NEW THIS YEAR: Minnesota Grown is now offering a "Minnesota Grown Organic" logo, but only certified growers may use it; exempt operations are not eligible. Contact Minnesota Grown for more information about the label.

Meat & Poultry: There are many claims made by growers in the directory regarding meat. Generally, claims need to be accurate & verifiable. Many claims such as "fresh", "lean", "natural", "low-fat", "high-protein", and "organic" have legal definitions. Other claims such as "No hormones", "No artificial hormones", or "No steroids" may be prohibited when describing meat/poultry products. (In some cases, similar claims may be made when describing animal feeding practices). It's helpful if you list the type of processing plant in which the animal will be slaughtered or processed: "Minnesota Inspected", "USDA inspected", or "Custom Processed." If you are uncertain about the legality of a potential claim, call MDA's Dairy & Food Inspection Division at 651-201-6453 for clarification before including it in your directory listing.

Nursery Stock: Unless you are selling as a private individual (not a business), if you sell nursery stock (perennials/hardy plants, trees and shrubs), you must hold a valid a nursery stock certificate for each sales location and must sell only inspected and certified nursery stock. Requirements and an application form are available or call Lorraine Englund at 651-201-6507.

Directory FAQ's:

If I want to list more than one product, do I need to purchase two directory listings?

With each Directory listing, you get to choose up to five items you grow/raise from our long list of products/services that will be indexed online and in the print Directory.

I selected five products or services on my application form, why are some of them not represented by icons (those little product graphics) with my directory listing in the printed directory?

We do not have icons for all the products, but we do index (up to 5) of the products you select from our list.

Can I buy more than one Directory Listing?

We don't encourage multiple listings in order to achieve "Directory supremacy", but if you have more than one location or if you have a farm that lies near the border of a region, you may buy more than one listing at $40 ea (a second license is not necessary if ownership is the same). For example, one license with two listings is $100. Note: We don't allow bold, underline, all caps, excessive use of exclamation points, etc.

How do I get Directories for distributing at my location or at other local businesses or events?

You can order quantities for FREE (watch for notification in the newsletter), order online, or contact us any time.

Am I responsible for claims made in my directory listing?

Yes, just as with any advertising, you are responsible to make sure the listing language you use is legal and verifiable.



MDA Contact

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