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Minnesota Beef ǀ Find Local Beef

  Find a local beef producer near you!

Find local beef producers with the free Minnesota Grown Directory published by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.




Local Minnesota Beef Local sirloin steak

  • Our Minnesota Grown Directory has 84 local beef producers.
  • There are a large variety of beef producers in our Directory, including organic beef, grass fed beef, natural beef and conventional beef producers.
  • Minnesota's beef producers are committed to producing beef cattle that meet industry standards and to producing a safe, wholesome, convenient, nutrient rich protein that consumers desire.

Ways to buy Minnesota beef directly from the producer:

  • Buy a quarter, half or whole beef for custom processing.
    • Because you own your share of the beef before it is processed, you’ll have the ability to work with the butcher to choose how you want your beef processed and packaged. You’ll have options like how thick you want your steaks cut and how many pounds of ground beef you want in each package.
    • This is a popular option because you’ll always have a supply of locally raised beef waiting in your freezer.
  • Buy individual cuts of meat.
    • This option offers consumers the ability to pick and choose the cuts and quantity of beef they want to purchase.  Because the farmer needs to balance inventory and label the product for re-sale, this is often slightly more expensive than purchasing a side of beef for custom processing.
  • Buy a share in a Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA Farm) that supplies beef.
    • While most CSA farms supply fresh produce, a small but growing number of farmers are using the CSA model to supply locally raised beef and other meat.
    • A meat CSA generally requires an up-front commitment by the consumer to purchase a pre-determined quantity of meat on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Beef recipes and tips on preparing Minnesota beef.

For more information about the beef industry visit the Minnesota Beef Council’s website.

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